Guide of the Yes and the No Si Eres Bajita

The ideal is to feel comfortable about and how we are, but if we can give a little help to look as we want, we will feel better and if those little tricks do not involve surgery or major investments, better still. If you’re rather short, it is normal that you want to look a little higher. This will make you look slimmer and wished.
There are some rules that will help you define your style and harmonize your body.

What encourages you

1. high heel shoes. Your best allies.

  1. clothes with vertical stripes
    3 skirts minis or above the knee

4 shorts, rather
5 jackets and blazers at the height of the waist

  1. monochromatic sets.Use the same color of the pants or skirt blouse, the figure provides a continuity that lengthens effect7. the type V neck tends to give the illusion of a longer neck.
  2. accessories small.This includes earrings, necklaces, purses, handkerchiefs or scarves.9. thin belts.Figure divided into two, giving the illusion that it is longer.

10 trousers straight cut or skinny, trying to get the long ankle to enhance the length of your legs.

11. tight Jeans.

  1. the pants and high-waisted skirts.13 wear pants and shoes of the same color elongates the legs.

14 use the blouse of the same color of the pants or skirt. This gives an effect of continuity that figure increases.

15. smooth or small print clothing

What you should avoid

1. pleated or very wide skirts. They provide volume sideways, which shortens the figure.

2 skirts midis.

3 avoid capri pants or half leg, shorten the figure.

  1. the pants at the hips.shorten your legs.5. too large or bulky accessories.This includes necklaces, earrings, purses, scarves and handkerchiefs.
  2. wide belts.7.Very large prints…

8 very high boots. They are better to the ankle or mid-calf.

9. flat shoes. If you want to go comfortable opts to run WAD. It will make you gain height without losing your comfort.

10 Maxi dresses with short people shoes. If you use a long dress Ponte towering shoes, hopefully with platform and is that dress cover.

13. oversize clothes. It prefers well fitted clothes.


These tricks can add you few centimetres visually making you look more stylish and harmonious.

1. a good posture. Walking upright with the straight back, you will add some centimeters.

2. If you do not accommodate high heels, fill type, are an excellent choice. They are comfortable and literally make you high.

3 there are shoes that have lined platform, not noticed they have it. Choose one that is not too exaggerated to not create the opposite effect.

4. If your neck is short, choose a collar with elongated shape. A fine and long, necklace will create the illusion of a neck more largo.

  1. If you opt for sneakers or flat boots, get some templates inside.There are several centimeters and no one will have to know you are wearing them.6 high hairstyles, lengthen the figure, either with mono or loose.

5 If you use a garment where your legs look, choose shoes nude color or the closest to the color of your skin, they will look like an extension of your body and make you appear higher.

6 there are trainers who bring a bit of taco. Do not notice you are wearing heels, and however, you lengthen the figure.