Since the beginning of Google +, Google says the focus of the social network is in people and not machines or virtual links. With this in mind, the news were presented to Google+ in I / O, including a new feed, a messenger integrated and improvements in photos, as the good times of life and living with other people are recorded as well.

The new feed leaves aside the model of a single column and is replaced by several. The content is in “cards” that highlight videos and photos.

You can place tags to categorize content as always. By clicking on them, the “card” turns and shows everything related to it, including other tags – for example, #SFGiants talks about the baseball team, but related to #Metallica, talks about the band’s show at the stadium.

Google+ can also identify the subject and suggest tags. In the example shown, the social network recognized the Eiffel Tower in a photo and entered the tag automatically, without comments or had a caption in the publication to show the place.

Another way to humanize relations through technology is with the Hangout, which became a messenger that integrates all other Google.

The app is available for Android and iOS. Thus, it is not necessary to be glued to the computer to keep in touch with friends and family. In addition, the application stores conversations instead of contacts, allowing you to create groups and send photos. As the Whatsapp, for example, it there for a long time.

The biggest news is the video call, which is expected in a Hangout app.

The latest news Google+ is about the photos. It is possible to make a number of customizations, but now, Google also wants to improve their quality.

For this, a series of tools already known by those edits images were added. All changes, such as improved color, smoothing skin imperfections and noise reduction are done automatically. There is also an algorithm that identifies and eliminates images without focus or blurry.

Another cool tool is the Auto Awesome, which has five effects: Smile, HDR , Mix , Pano(from “panorama”) and Motion . The latter recognizes similar images – for example, taken with continuous shooting – and creates a GIF on the album with all of them.

In addition to making the most beautiful pictures, Google+ also want to organize your albums. Just as he recognizes what is a photo in the timeline to create a tag, also recognizes places in the photos you upload and people’s faces on them. So organizes the album prioritizing who is in the photo – the logic is that if there are more photos of a particular person to another, you like it most. So the picture is in the beginning.

Changes should be available from today on Google+.


Google+ Gets New Feed, Hangout App and Want to Improve Your Photos
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