The Priority Inbox came to Gmail with the proposal to choose for you which are the most important messages. The robot from Google separates the wheat from the chaff after reading the contents of each, and mark those urgent and hopelessly needed to read with a special badge and privileged position in the inbox.

With the northern staff at Microsoft, there is also the desire to separate the most important messages from those not so much. And the most cool is that the company ceases activity in the user’s hand even. Artificial intelligence against human intelligence. The new Flag feature was announced this week by those responsible for Hotmail.

According to MS, tests conducted with users email show that many use the “Mark as unread” as a way to flag important emails. After all, so the message is in the Inbox until such time as it is convenient to send the proper response. But the “Mark as Unread” is not intended for this purpose.

Rethought for this purpose is the feature flag (flag, the literal translation into Portuguese). It exists always in Outlook as a tool for that important messages gain a graphic signal: the red flag that appears in front of the subject (or behind, depending on the version of the application), and that gives name to the Flag. It has been adapted to work better in Hotmail.

The next time you click the flag of a message, that e – mail will be automatically fixed in the Inbox. There will never, unless you take the necessary steps and then the clear with the Flag button.

Have more. If the Priority Inbox key messages are in front of the unimportant, the same is repeated with the Hotmail Flag. When an email is marked in this way, it is a special corner of the Inbox. Above all other messages. A place of easy viewing and access, so.

Microsoft also says have created a special filter to show only messages with Flag. If you have many very important messages, the filter button is just a few clicks away.

And what I think of it all? They are different approaches to solving the same problem. I am adept Gmail for both my personal email account as a business, provided by Google Apps for the domain @ Use the stars Gmail (and similar) to mark the most important messages, and maintain the Priority Inbox disabled on both accounts. In a way, we adopt the philosophy that Microsoft developed for the Flag. But still I prefer my beautiful Gmailzinho!

The new Hotmail Flag will be released gradually in waves, like MS usually do. Not appeared in my account @ interface in Portuguese.


Gmail Uses Artificial Intelligence, and Hotmail Uses the Same User to Choose the Most Important Messages