Counting with the presence of Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive of the software giant, took place yesterday in Lisbon the ceremony of launch of a smartphone that is the result of a partnership between Galp Energia and Microsoft. This appliance is manufactured by German AEG is a Windows based Pocket PC platform and will be distributed nationally by TMN.

At the same time, were also announced several mobility services that will be provided by means of this mobile device, such as those belonging to the portal, in particular, simulations of itineraries, identification of sites of interest, traffic information, among others. The terminal consists of the Tanager, the model that T-Mobile will announce within weeks for distribution in the United States, and the Orange will market in the Scandinavian countries from this month.

This smartphone, which will be released in the summer, was developed by HTC and it is essentially an update of the model Orange SPV with a brighter display and a keyboard easier to use, and will be sold with the brand AEG, the company that is collaborating with Dangaard Telecom for your marketing. The phone will be distributed in the retail networks of the mobile operator of the Portugal Telecom Group and of supplies of Galp.

Between the main features of the product include Galp services for card holders Fast Galp, allowing the exchange of points for value added offerings, custom information about the balance of points, prizes available and data about the loyalty program. The smartphone provides other capabilities as messages with photos, advanced access to the Web, wireless e-mail and instant messages by text.

Terminal users can also access a series of applications developed by Microsoft, such as Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Pocket Outlook for email, calendar, address book and contacts.



Galp Energia and TMN Launch Windows-based Smartphone
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