Long ago, rumours about a product from Samsung with a curved display sprang up. These are now finally come true. Yesterday Samsung introduced 4 touch us in the frame of the IFA its new, that comes along with good technique and a chic design, but the highlight of yesterday’s presentation was actually the new, long prophzeite touch edge probably. Although it’s almost the same technology as the has note 4 and the two sight also has a strong design are similar, the Bill edge but definitely stands out with its curved screen.

The design

Very long time ago Samsung presented its first curved displays us. At CES 2011, there was to see the first prototype named “Youm”. Since then much time has passed and long it was quiet around the new technology. Until recently the name edge first appeared and there was talk of a curved display, which now market should have received. Now it’s official. Externally there are only a few distinct Note 4. The display is less than the rated 4 (5.7 inch) 5.6-inch a tick. Without however was the same metal frame, which uses the same battery and the same S-pen. So still, focus is on the rear of the display.

The display

The Galays has a diagonal of 5.6 inch touch edge a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, what a pixel density of 539 ppi results. With the note of 4, it has thus currently the best displays on the market. But also who the sharp resolution not impressed, which should marvel at the sight of the novel “Knicks”. The curved part of the screen is again more 160 pixels wide and can accommodate many new possibilities. The so-called edge-screen Panel can take several functions. It is be subsequent direction line, Quick Launch toolbar, navigation menu, or info-ticker. Doing it automatically, depending on whether one is on the home screen or within an app.
In addition, it can be configured by the users own discretion. It is not the bar she switches off independently from the main screen, and can be reactivated with a wiping if necessary. Also very useful: In addition to the apps tools can be launched directly from the bar. Among other things it is a flashlight, a stopwatch, and a ruler.

More facilities

As already mentioned, the Galaxy resembles largely the note 4 Note edge inside.
Both models will come with a Snapdragon 805 – processor, which pulses in four nuclei with 2,GHz. 3 gigabytes of memory, as well as a few new features, such as a heart rate monitor, as well as a UV light meter that can measure the solar radiation are also in both devices. Can photograph the edge Bill of course with all 16 Megapixel rear and still 3.7 megapixels front. The entire specs can see table for you.

With its new Galaxy touch edge Samsung definitely presents one of the best and most innovative Phablets of the year. It combines excellent technique and a new control that there was to date still not at all and leaves plenty of room for creativity. Samsung proves to us with their new device, that the Group has ideas and we have long not have arrived at the end of the development of smartphones.

The Galaxy touch edge will be available from October of this year. At what price it will appear not yet fixed at the moment.


Galaxy Music Edge – Phablet With a Twist