[Update 13.08.2014] Alpha today officially unveiled the Galaxy Samsung. The article can be found here: Galaxy Alpha unveiled

[Update 11.08.2014] First there were only rumors, then first pictures and now all the technical data of the Galaxy are leaked alpha.

Long time ago there was speculation about a new competitor to the iPhone 6 from the House of Samsung. They seem now to be confirmed. The new Galaxy promise alpha, another Galaxy F called in earlier leaks, new pictures emerged, a very elegant design and a high-quality production.

[Update 11.08.2014] Tecmundo, a Brazilian website that published a photo of a banner with the technical data of the Galaxy alpha. Obviously, it is a photo of a presentation of the new Samsung flak ship.

Therefore, the new smartphone should have a smaller display than the Galaxy S5 . The Alpha comes out with 4.7 inch (1080 x 720 pixels). The heart is a Samsung of in-house Exynos octa-core processor, which is supported with 2 GB memory. The alpha offers plenty of space for music and photos with 32 GB internal memory.

The camera on the back of the Smartphone is equipped with 12 megapixels, the Selfie cam front with 2.1 mega pixels. Other features include LTE, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 1860mAh big battery. The Galaxy, Alpha shipped with the current operating system Android 4.4 KitKat.

Still, a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor should be installed.

According to this source between August and September, the official presentation of the Galaxy should be alpha. Should that be true, the alpha before the touch 4 will be presented, which will be presented on September 3 at the same time in Berlin, New York and Beijing.


The two Technikblogs SamMobile and Tinh të recently published several new recordings of the Samsung Smartphone that proved many of the recent conjectures as correct. So it gives the appearance, as if the new flagship will actually come with a 4.7-inch screen on the market. It is visibly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition to the size of the Galaxy is different alpha to the S5 visually by its aluminum frame, which makes your Smartphone more noble. Most likely, this optical upgrade to help the Galaxy series to compete with the soon to be released iPhone 6.

Generally, the new Galaxy has Alpha like a slimmer and prettier version of the old pros show model S5.The back is still plastic and also the fingerprint scanner is to be present. Under the hood, a few new features should be located. In addition to a 32 GB memory, which is unfortunately not expand or leaves, should be also the same screen Panel as in the S5, that resolves with 720 p.

When and where the Galaxy appears Alpha is currently unfortunately not yet clear. The deliveries are scheduled to begin in August. However, Samsung seems to have difficulties in the production. So currently “only” a million units to be produced. So Samsung will supply all markets or will be restricted only on the core markets has not been set.


Galaxy Alpha Geleaked-Technical Details Revealed [update 13.08.2014]