Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about MCAT

Question #1: Question about the MCAT?

Answer: You will need those courses one way or another, you will most likely need them for most med. schools even if you think you know the material for MCAT.

Question #2: Eligibility for MCAT?

Answer: You may take the exam up to three times in one calendar year, but you may register for only one test at a time.

Question #3: What kind of questions are on the MCAT?

Answer: There are review books available at the library or bookstore that will help you prepare. It’s never too early to prepare, but if you do really well in your science courses and math courses, you’re well on your way.

Question #4: What are the materials covered on MCAT?

Answer: The MCAT will test your learned knowledge in Biology, physio, chemistry, physics etc… You can have great analytical skills but if you dont know what the question is talking about your pretty much done for.

The verbal section is more about the way you think and the science sections are about what you know. The best advice i can give you is to do TONS of practice questions. Kaplan has online test questions you can buy and they’re pretty good, a bit harder than the real test..but better to know more than less. Do practice questions, untill your nutty and study the questions you miss and find out why you missed it.

Question #5: How does one prepare for MCAT?

Answer: Usually people prepare for the MCAT beginning of their third year of college career (or one year before you plan to apply). It’s a rigorous test which requires you to know biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry. if you go to the aamc website you will find a published list of topics for each of the major sciences. It’s pretty expensive. I think the test costs 200 dollars (It might be 100 dollars).