Freemans Sporting Club – an American Hero

In our continuation of series on American ones turn of the Freemans Sporting Club, FSC. Freemans is a lifestyle concept that in addition to the two stores at Rivington and Bleeker Street in New York also includes a restaurant, a bar as well as a Barber. Not so long ago was added also a bespoke-tailoring to the concept.

Freemans is actually neither a total newcomer or hidden treasure. For hipsterklientelet at Södermalm in Stockholm, as well as those that nest around the Kino and strömmingsluckan in Gothenburg, it is perhaps the most obvious FSC shopping choice during the New York trip. Concept’s founder William Tigertt and Taavo Somer has achieved something of a demonic icon status among the bearded young men in plaid shirts who think that scout and bear Hunter fashions feels just right in 2012.

Enough of this and why they deserve to be highlighted. First and foremost is the uniquely beautiful stores Freemans has created in NYC. It is almost laughable to see j. crew’s Liquor store that is verging on a likeness of the FSC’s store on Rivington Street. Shop with a raw and rustic feel has a lot of space in the creative media and is well worth a visit.

The store was founded as a tribute to American craftsmanship, quality and professionalism.The working motto is “Made local, Buy local” and it shows that Taavo who grew up in Pennsylvania’s rural community draws its inspiration from the durable, genuine and functional. To the extent possible, is all that is sold in the shop made within 10 miles RADIUS with the exception of, among other things, the shoes that are sold in cooperation with Allen Edmonds.

Other things to find in the store’s handmade leather belts from Matt Brown or a limited edition multiverkstyg from Leatherman in matte black (normally, otherwise they chromed), very macho.

Perhaps the most interesting is the firm’s own kostymlinje that are hand made in Brooklyn in fullkanvaskonstruktion of the tailor Martin Greenfield, a of the United States’s most experienced tailors and måttat several Presidents, from Eisenhower to Clinton. There are a variety of models and cost around 2000 $. If you choose to try its own tailoring so this starts at around $3500 and the service has quickly gained a great reputation.

Otherwise, it is the firm’s various partnerships that stand out. In addition to several better u.s. shoe and boots manufacturers, it is cooperation with the Internet-based time magazine Hodinkee that appeals to us. Klockfantasterna behind this magazine was instructed to find a variety of vintage out of good quality which is then sold in the FSC combined with a history of each clock. In addition, the bear store via cooperation with handmade watch straps in patinated leather.

Finally, the firm’s Barbershop worth a visit for anyone who wants to trim the beard or cut themselves. Sink into vintage chairs from the 20s and 30s and enjoy the treatment this craft actually is. For those who wish for this Barber a range of grooming products and accessories from primarily British firms Geo f. Trumper, Edwin Jagger and Dr. Harris.

Finally, the shops worth a visit just for the sake. For the music fans, we recommend the hattprydde store manager Jesse Johnson under the name The Gift Unusual type and in front of the music. Very good, not so well known, hard to find and thus clean the dream for a hipster.