Fox Brothers Ltd-the Original Flannel

The Italian Mills, excuse me. World’s best flannell comes from the West of England, or, more specifically, from the village of Wellington in Somerset and Fox Brothers Ltd.

The company, which is today not only provides the finest tailors on Savile Row, but Bolshoi and kostymtillverkare all over the world with this brushed matte fabric of British wool, could have been a thing of the past if it were not for a venture capitalist as well as a tygentusiast. More on that later, but first a short history.

This particular story is one that plays a major role and has had an impact on the entire company. Dating back to the mid 1700 ‘s, but formally started 1776 by Thomas Fox laid the Foundation for a huge cloth industry during its heyday provided for 5000 people, virtually the entire Wellington, with work. The firm was known for its concern for its staff and learn has been one of the first companies in the United Kingdom with the pension for employees. The industrial revolution helped in the development and automation of the firm’s production. Around the turn of the century the company received one of its biggest orders ever since it delivered much fabric for the British army. What many don’t know is that Fox Bros developed and manufactured the cloth that was used by the army during the Boer War and who later became known as khaki.

When the company presents its history, especially the two people who both stillmässigt and politically played a very important role in the story. Sir Winston Churchill was stylistically, known for his double-breasted suits in kritstreckrsrandiga flannellull from Fox Bros. In the late hours have Fox Bros and the tailor Henry poole & Co. recreated this costume in the same quality as the Churchill bar in 1936. Another icon of the company willingly returns to Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor. He may have been regent during a very short period of time but for us anglofila fashion enthusiasts, he will go down in history as a cutting-edge trendsetters. The box is now known as the Prince of Wales check after the pattern please Edward VIII bar created by Fox in their flannelltyg.

History and tradition also makes itself felt in a different way, both in the past and today, more of the employees in both the third and fourth tradition Fox employees. The company believes that the craft tradition in this manner is inherited. They also work with an extensive apprenticeship program to cater to the new will be lectured to by the elderly and that quality is not lost in the craft.

The people who chose to breathe life and shoulder the responsibility for the future of Fox Bros is Deborah Meaden, best known as the venture capitalist from British Dragons, and Douglas Cordeaux, which has a strong textiles and fashion background with a penchant for quality and Made in Britain.

When the 2009 took on not only the company got a storied history to manage but also one of England’s largest fabric available. The company’s buildings is extensive, and the couple is said to have found over 100 year-old wool fabrics which was still packed in its paper rolls.

It is primarily the Douglas, who with great enthusiasm runs Fox Bros on a daily basis and that is also largely responsible for the company’s marketing. At this level, he has to our and the world’s anglofilers delight opted to start The Merchant Fox. The background to this is that when he moved to Somerset to push Fox so he found a number of other manufacturers of various products in this area, all of which were conducting their operations after the classic and very good craftsmanship. During The Merchant Fox marketed and sold these products with the intention of shelf area and the craftsmanship and in this way help each other. In addition to Fox’s wool-and flannellvaror is the leather goods from Baker’s a firm in Colyton, woven pillows from Somerset and belts from Dorset. In addition to these local goods are also sold bags from Globe-Trotter but then with flannelfoder manufactured by Fox.There are robes made of Budd and even those in Fox flannell. As well as bags made of Chapman’s, as mentioned earlier on Manolo, which certainly made in Cumbria but where leather comes from Bakers in Colyton.

A visit to The Merchant Fox rescues Christmas when you can find really many good gifts there. Friends of traditional British craftsmanship cheering loudly.