Florida Highlights

With its subtropical climate and fantastic attractions, Florida is an ideal destination. You can relax on one of the beautiful beaches including Miami Beach with its colorful collection of houses, but also the famous Rodeo Drive promenade where it is bustling with fun in the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs. Palm Beach is where America’s elite hide in the dazzling villas hidden behind high walls. Here, too, on the nine-kilometre-long beach, you will feel like one of the richest of the earth. But of course Florida has much more to offer than just sun, sea and sand.

Traffic In And Around Florida

According to beautyphoon.com, Florida is located in the southeast of America and borders the states of Georgia and Alabama to the north. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west the Gulf of Mexico. Below the state, these waters converge.

Florida is more than four times the size of the Netherlands and a rental car therefore helps to discover the state. Although not all traffic rules are the same, of course, driving in the United States does not differ greatly from the Netherlands. Moreover, driving is much more relaxed in America. You drive on the right-hand side on a road network that is well maintained, well-organized and safe. The highest maximum speed is 70 m/h, or 112 km/h. What you should keep in mind when driving on multi-lane roads is that there is a ‘keep in your lane’ principle. This means that you continue to drive in the same lane as much as possible and that you can be overtaken from both the left and the right.

One of the nicest routes in Florida is the Key West Overseas Highway. This is a 125-mile highway that connects the mainland to Key Largo and Key West of the tropical Florida Keys. The unique thing about the highway is that it is partly built on the remains of a former railroad, the Overseas Railroad, which was largely destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. The highway stands on stilts and runs right through the sea. While driving you have a panoramic view of the azure blue water and the coral reefs. You will be amazed at the nice vistas, islands, beaches, flamingos and palm trees.

Which Amusement Park Do You Choose?

Florida is the state of amusement parks: from spectacular rides to fun shows and educational parks. You probably prefer to visit all the parks, but you will really have to make a choice. Disney World is a big favorite for the whole family. The oldest and most visited part of the park is Magic World where the characters from the many cartoons can be seen. The Epcot Center is an educational park where you can discover everything about energy, technology and associated innovations. To go behind the scenes, head to Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Spectacular stunt shows are also staged here.

Those who love water parks can go to Wet n’ Wild. Here you can whiz down exciting water slides and go in other attractions such as a wave pool with real waves. Smaller children can go to the Kids Park where the water attractions are quieter.

Find Adventure In The Everglades

The Everglades is a unique natural park with beautiful viewpoints, hiking trails and kayaking routes. Hundreds of bird species live here, such as the osprey and American blue heron, but you can also spot frogs and otters here. In addition, you might see a panther strolling around here or even one of the dreaded alligators. You can make your visit to the Everglades as adventurous as you like: follow the Gumbo-Limbo Trail past impressive spots and small islands, or hop in a canoe to glide through swamps and dark mangroves, through narrow passages and sharp turns.

Visit The Nicest Cities In Florida

If you want to visit a city in Florida, it has to be Miami. With the modern high-rise buildings, beautiful graffiti and the famous Ocean Drive, this is a nice city. For example, you can enjoy shopping in the Sawgrass Mill Mall. Moreover, you will find one of the most famous beaches in Florida here: South Beach. This is a long sandy beach with typical beach huts. Here you can enjoy a delicious dinner while looking out at the setting sun.

Key West is located on the last island of the Florida Keys, which you reach via the unique Key West Overseas Highway. This place is located 145 km from Cuba. The Cuban influence is therefore very present here: everything is relaxed here and nothing is in a hurry. Get on a boat here to see if you spot dolphins.

The Everglades