Florence, Italy Public Transportation

In Florence there is a small tram network and a well-developed bus network . The historic old town is almost exclusively a pedestrian zone.

Tickets are valid for both buses and trams and are bought from newsagents or kiosks. You can also get tickets from the driver on the bus – but they are more expensive there.

The normal single ticket is valid for 90 minutes after validation on board and costs 1.20 euros.

Charter AGILE

According to Topbbacolleges, another option is the Carta AGILE. This ticket is transferable and can be purchased with a value of 10.00 euros or 20.00 euros. The variant for 10.00 euros is valid for 10 journeys, the variant for 20.00 euros correspondingly for 20 journeys.

This is an electronic card that you hold up to the marking of the stamping machine after boarding.

Multi-day bus tickets

You can also drive an unlimited number of times within a few days . With these tickets you have to write your name on them and show them together with your identity card during checks.

The 24-hour ticket costs 5 euros and is valid from the first validation. The 3-day ticket and the 7-day ticket cost 12 and 18 euros respectively, only have to be validated once and are valid until midnight on the last day.

Frequently asked questions about Florence

When is the best time to visit Florence?

It’s hard to believe, but Florence has pretty wet winters and pretty hot summers .

From November to March it can rain a lot and although the thermometer rarely drops below 5 degrees, it can get very cold because of the high humidity.

In the summer months of July and August, on the other hand, it is always very hot and sticky. It rarely gets cooler than 35°C, which can make sightseeing quite tedious.

The best travel months are definitely April to June and September to October .

But it can also be worthwhile in the second half of August: the temperatures then slowly become more pleasant and many tourists have then left again. Hotels are then a little cheaper before the next wave of tourists comes in September.

How far is it from Florence to the sea?

The coast is about 100 kilometers from Florence. There is a direct train from the main train station to Viareggio, the nearest seaside resort. The journey takes about an hour.

How do I get from Florence Airport to the city center?

From Florence airport you can take tram line T2 directly to the city centre. The journey takes about 20 minutes and the ticket costs 1.50 euros.

How expensive is Florence?

The prices for a hotel room in the old town are at least 100 euros per night. Entrance fees to the most famous museums are around 10-15 euros.

When it comes to catering, it all depends on where you want to eat and what. It is most expensive in the area around the cathedral.

Here are some examples of prices in Florence :

Main course in a restaurant: 12 – 15 euros
Pizza to hand: 3 – 4 euros
Espresso: 1 euro
Beer in the bar (0.5l): 4 – 5 euros
Cocktail: 6 – 8 euros
Museum entry: 7 – 15 euros
Bus ticket in the kiosk: 1.20 euros
water in the kiosk (0.5l): 1 euro

You can usually pay by card everywhere.

Otherwise, there are plenty of ATMs throughout the city. We have been using the free credit card from the DKB Bank for over 10 years and can only warmly recommend it.

How much time should I plan for Florence?

If you don’t have too much time and want to see the main sights, I would plan at least 3 full days for Florence.

However, a week would be ideal . This also gives you time for the larger museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery or Palazzo Pitti, or for the great viewpoints on the city’s hills.

You can also make one or the other trip to the Tuscan countryside .

Florence or Rome?

Preferably both! Florence and Rome are both absolutely worth seeing. However, they are not far apart and are connected by an express train.
The journey takes about 1.5 hours. So you can also have your headquarters in one of the two cities and take a day trip to the other city.

Is there cheap parking in Florence?

Parking in Florence is a major problem even for residents, as parking spaces are extremely scarce. We therefore recommend traveling to Florence by public transport if possible.
You don’t need a car in the city anyway, because you can reach all the highlights on foot or by bus.
If you do travel by car, you should look for a hotel with its own parking space if possible.

Ponte Vecchio