Five Moments of Fashion Rio That I Loved!

Hello gatanss…

Sorry about the disappearance, but after the Fashion Rio was a long time resting and in the rush of day-to-day kept putting it off this post. But, as today’s world we have to catch up, don’t you think?

It’s been over 1 week that happened the Fashion Rio and as the LF was present in several parades will show you my favorites.

Let’s start from the 5 to give more suspense? RS.

5° Place: The Parade Of The TNG

It was a parade worthy and with celebs. The glasses were giving an air of mystery in the models, and a sensuality. The trio were the novels reviewed air of grace on the catwalk: Thiago Fragoso, Danielle Winits and Marcelo Anthony .

The TNG was inspired by the punk movement in a commercial way.

Why the 5th place?: had nothing very different trends from 2013, a lot of Oz, spikes, studs, lace, leather and jeans.

4th place: the details and the pants of Oh Boy!

The parade of Oh Boy! It was all lovely. Super playful with giant letters that formed the brand name on the catwalk. What really caught my attention was how amazing and plush velvet in clothing and accessories. Maxi-necklaces continue with EVERYTHING, of course I love jeans, stuffed in my purse (which reminded me of Celine shoes), fringes on the sleeves fluttering super. As the inspiration was the Russian Ballet, the Oh Boy! I brought one of the parts I loved most: the clochard pants as the dancers wore in rehearsals.

3° Place: The Parade Of The Coven

“Memories of a past not too close that overlap to an immediate gift, urban and cosmopolitan”

That was the phrase that shows how the brand made reference to the past to make the collection. I was in love because all parts were made of knitting. With old face and the knitting craft, the Coven brought stripes and the Mark C on clothes reminding us old school uniforms.

2nd Place: IÓDice

Sure, it was the show that I liked most. Top Alice Weber was splendid (blonde in the photo below), warm and earthy colours that made me not blink, as: Orange, red and mustard. The Burgundy and the divo of off-white continue next season. The inspiration of the brand was the forest and hunting and brought beautiful catwalk for hunters.

1st Place: The Looks Of Fashion Rio

Many celebs, bloggers and people who love fashion appeared there. For myself with a lot of rain and cold, the crowd made beautiful in the corridors of Pier Mauá.

And you who were, what they liked? For those who didn’t, tell us what you would like to have seen?


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