Who has not heard it? Just the girls probably know it. Too big to small pocket Smartphone and mobile plops into the toilet. If you have not just a Sony Xperia Z2, one should be falling in this situation not in hysteria. Here is the detailed guide on how we should resuscitate its Smartphone best after an unpleasant dive. Will the Smartphone lifeguard your phone or the a friend.

How you can tell the water resistance of a cell phone

There is a so-called protection class, which describes the degree of dust and water resistance of a cell phone. A certified test measurement determines the IP designation. For example, the IP name of the HTC One M8 may IPX 3 and for the Sony Xperia Z2 IP57.

The first figure shows the resistance of an enclosure against contact or foreign objects. The second digit indicates the resistance to moisture and water.

The HTC has an X in the typing of the first code. The X is a placeholder which you use if necessary, if a piece of information should not be specified or must. The 3 at the HTC is available in protection class for “Protection against spray water up to 60 ° from the vertical”. A launched to glass of water or phone in the rain, nothing made the device so.

The first code number in the Sony is 5. This stands for “Protected against dust in damaging quantities”. The second digit 7 stands for “Protection against temporary immersion”, making it significantly more resistant than the HTC with number 3. Consequently, the degree of resistance increases with higher ratio.

Is the Smartphone wet, what now?

No matter whether foam party, toilet or pool is fast it happened and the expensive toy is wet. This nightmare does not necessarily leads to damage of the device. Because there are revival measures that can save your Smartphone or that of a friend / a friend when used correctly. So care and remember the steps of the correct procedure.

1. immediately take out the water

Take your mobile phone as soon as possible out of the water. Small openings such as headphone, microphone or on interface charge can penetrate water into the unit in a matter of seconds. Every second counts. Note, that you Press any buttons. Pressed buttons can get even more water in other places in the Smartphone.

Should be located the phone to the charging cable, not reflexively reach for it. It’s like the famous hairdryer in the bathtub. Danger to life! Before pulling the plug.

2. turn off

If possible, you should remove the hatch and the battery. In the worst case, the device suffers a short circuit before. If the remove the battery is not possible, then a button press: namely the power button.

3. peripheral devices and cards remove

The mobile phone is out, remove carefully all peripheries, such as headphones or Smartphone-cover. Then remove the SIM card and the SD card (if any), to prevent data loss. Just to the loss of data which should minimise SIM card save his contacts not only on mobile phone or SIM card, you link whatever with a cloud.

The Smartphone should be as open as possible, so that it can dry better.

4th Abbot rock

Of course you should now try to blot the water on the appliance with towels made of fabric or paper.While the Smartphone never shake or wild move, as otherwise water can penetrate into the cell in other areas. Is it very thoroughly, because every remaining drop may be the reason for a defect.

5. in rice bowl

Indeed, the well-known trick with the shell agrees with uncooked rice. But no the bowl should attract no Asians with rice contrary to a widespread Internet gag, repairing your mobile phone, it helps to draw more fluids out of the phone. Rice has a high affinity for water intake. The Smartphone should be up to the.

More often the position in the shell change bedtime, so that every drop of leakage to the outside.

Has to leave at hand, then just the mobile in paper or cloth towels no rice. Still apply.

Anti condensation bags are better than rice. These are the small white grainy purse, which mostly down with are packed in carton E.g. shoes or electrical appliances. These do not throw away the next time, but tangible store.

6. wait

At least 24 hours allow the device (better more) dry before you turn it on again. After the wait, you can test whether your phone works. To do this first time exactly look whether there are still any moist places. Note exactly the openings on the phone. When everything is dry, you can insert the battery and turn on the device. Quite exactly listen if strange noises occur or whether the phone otherwise has any errors.

Insider Smartphone lifeguard information

If your phone doesn’t turn, it connect with the charging cable. The battery might be just empty. Also it does not help you should swap the battery (if possible). Because there is a possibility that only the battery has water damage, the phone but not. So hard to give up. The Smartphone has not hatch, then a professional repair service should attend to the matter.

Note the value of the damaged smartphones. If the repair costs are disproportionately high to the market value, no repair is worthwhile. The market value can be quickly, free of charge and without any obligation to determine at wirkaufens.de.

Screw up your device not on your own, because otherwise the warranty will be void.

Using a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to the mobile rescue is a widespread rumor. Please enjoy with caution. A hair dryer blows ahead in the phone into the water and should be consulted in any case, not in cold mode, to the revival of your Smartphone.

A vacuum cleaner is there already something more suitable. Nevertheless, can this harm more under formation of static electricity, as the water itself.

To complete the advanced Smartphone Lifequard course, look at something harder to practicing tips with alcohol in this post.

If you do not want to confront you with the first aid or you sunk simply the fifth mobile phone, you should seriously consider a waterproof Smartphone. Here is the test of five top devices.



First Aid Course for Wet Phone: Will The Smartphone Lifeguard