Fatal to Dress for Different Occasions Errors

In fashion, as in life, there are basic rules of survival. Just as you cannot talk by cell phone when you are in the Church, neither one can attend to some events with inappropriate clothing. To do this in is occasion will give you the most common mistakes that usually commit to when choosing clothes that will be used for different occasions.

  1. wear colorful and low cut for a job interview:

A big mistake. If a male who makes you the interview, be sure that no you will pay close attention to what you say, but the neckline of the bodice; and if it’s a girl, either focus on your responses thinking: on the bodice that is so beautiful, but very colorful for this case, where there will be bought it.

So this does not happen you, you have to take into account that formal and neutral clothes leads to job interviews. You must also keep your personal style.

  1. very demure costumes for the rumba:

If you have a job interview to go formal, to a rumba is the opposite. Leave neck turtle divers, sports shirts and the reading glasses for the Sunday that you are going to visit your grandparents or relatives.

The rumba is an ideal opportunity to show all attributes without looking vulgar. If you’re with your boyfriend, you see how you feel comfortable, remember to preserve the aesthetics of the occasion, but if you go with friends, take advantage of. Keep in mind that the not shown does not sell.

  1. shoes with high heels for the University or country restaurant:

Why do they do it? High heel shoes are very beautiful and ideal to go out clubbing, to an elegant restaurant or office, but go with twelve centimeters heels to a restaurant to the Rome city with green space or to see the kind of microeconomic, that has no presentation.

Unless you want to conquer the teacher or a classmate with so sexy heels, using it for these activities, but in general concept of rules of dress, this will not.

4 closed-toe shoes and socks on the beach:

It is definitely a mistake fatal at the time for going to the beach and wear closed-toe shoes or stockings. Leave them in your home, never take them if you’re going to go on holiday to the beach or in the summer.

  1. use warm Earth clothing in cold weather:

Another error is fatal. However, the social situation is easier for some people than for others, it’s not wear clothes of a climate corresponding to another. I hope that these tips that you give out you serve something.

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