You who are a mother and you are connected in fashion you may have come across some of these hashtags: #minidigitalinfluencer or #fashionkids. The expressions identify the Junior fashionistas that, like bloggers with their looks of the day, steal the flashes and inspire children’s costumes for all occasions (and always with style).

Pietra’s mother, Josiane, religiously puts on a look by day. The girl uses brands like Moschino, and the combinations are inspired from head to toe in proposals of luxury brands Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Burberry.

Megan and Morgan ( @megan_morgan_trueblue )

The American sisters Megan and Morgan, residents of Philadelphia, viralized. The looks of the children are always with styles in tune. They have a stylist and professional photographers sign street style poses.

Maria Laura ( @infantilidades_ )

From Pernambuco, to it girl mirim Maria Laura and her mother, Ilana, share not only the looks of the day with trends (like the oversized below), but also hair tutorials on a YouTube channel.

Maria Clara Berghetti ( @mariaclaraberghetti )

Better known as Maricota, she is one of the members of 4Kids Brasil, in which four mothers share fashion and lifestyle tips. Resident of Canoes, Mary is accredited by the agency Vogue Kids (SP).

Júlia Kaori ( @cahiossaq_ )

Brazilian medium, Japanese medium: the stylish Júlia Kaori parades the trends of the season, such as the shoulder-to-shoulder blouse and other key pieces. The profile is updated by the mother, Carol, who helps to assemble and click the looks of the cub.

Clara Pontalti ( @dicadaursinha )

The little girl took so much space with her looks on her mother’s account, the fashion journalist Patricia Pontalti, who ended up earning an account for herself. At age two and a half she appears posing with combinations that give a fashion class.

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