ESMOD Berlin Present Couture Redesigned Vintage

On the 24.4.2013 the vintage took place in the premises of the DaWanda Snuggery Berlin, the first offline store of the popular online portal, Couture redesigned show. DaWanda is since ever made for home-made fashion, accessories and much more. It’s only natural that DaWanda cooperated with the ESMOD Berlin, the international art school for fashion, in the context of this project. The possibility have been students from the second year, to produce by hand designed fashion and
the fashionshow to present. The target was to create modern high fashion from old vintage pieces. In different teams, the students worked out possible concepts for the Upcycling project with DaWanda. Three of them named the DaWanda jury and put it to: pattern explosion, tropical getaway and transparent reflection / Galactic science.

High fashion from vintage dresses
Convinced of the mix. According to the motto pattern explosion used the designer for many dresses beautiful vintage patterns that they mixed some creative together. So tangled up on a short, strapless dress in red and black squares with purple flowers. The designer put ideal especially the female waist into scene and the trendy female cut in their works.

As carried out the project in the context of the wedding weeks in the DaWanda Snuggery also wedding dresses were not missing. The different interpretations of the wedding dress were fascinating unique. A wedding dress presented a cut from the Charleston era – simple and short cut with ruffle occupied below the hip. The designers combined another wedding dress with a chiffon-like loop-scarf as a veil.

The long vintage dresses shine in new splendor with modern touches such as the use of a transparent substance in the height of the shoulder blades or generally the combination of heavy materials with light and transparent fabrics. So silk with semi transparent embroidery and a modern cut were combined in an another dress with vintage details like a sleeve gathered together at the shoulder height. Transparent chiffon was replaced with a different dress as a sleeve in the bat-style while the rest of the dress in a classic vintage style was kept. The classic female style complemented the designers through an exciting detail. The clothes not only served a beautiful fashion show. You are soon on DaWanda f r to obtain the normal consumer.