Editorial! Women Make The Sets An Ally In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Earlier this year, the blogger and image consultant Ana Avila received a diagnosis of breast cancer. After the discovery, underwent a Lumpectomy, chemotherapy sessions and 16 more radiotherapy. During the process, accounted for victories. Among them, a friendship: the oncologist’s Office, was presented to the Director and a University Professor Dani Israel, who also faced the disease. Among the points in common, the two realized they couldn’t find basic information on how to live with cancer. That’s where was born the project Strength Gurias, website, profile on Instagram and a channel on YouTube with tips for women who, like them, are dealing with cancer.

Before the diagnosis, Ana talked about beauty and fashion in your site, the Girls Bacannas. Now, changed a little the focus: trends and tips what to wear take into account some extra factors, like which look more comfortable to face a round of chemo, how to use wigs or valuing the bald and how to deal with the fall of eyelashes. And all this light and relaxed, as you can see in the photos of this editorial in which she and Dani lived a day. Throughout the pages, you will see looks by double mounted, in partnership with stylist Ana Carrard, and tips for those who want to make the clothes you wear the best expression of yourself.

Hint of Ana Avila

Save button shirt! Great partnership for the chemotherapy, eases access to the catheter, located just below the collarbone, ensuring comfort without losing the style.

Hint of Ana Avila

The power of the right wig wig: does the look and the self-esteem bombarem! It’s time to choose a wig? Then, take a day to go to a store to try on wigs all models possible. Choose a company high-spirits and have fun. I said fun, Yes: the thing is taking with lightness and good humor. Noting that the Bank has wigs for Imama who can’t or don’t want to buy.

Hint of Ana Avila

Bet on the little black dress: for women with mastectomy, dark colors are superparceiras! And don’t be afraid to use a slinky dress: the secret is a good bra and a prosthetic outer silicone, you can find it at specialty houses.

Hint of Ana Avila

Overlap now! Jot this down: the overlap is the best women’s with mastectomy. Disguise any difference in the chest, giving security in time to assemble the look. Bet on maxicoletes jeans or tailoring-are charming and cool and can be used on a daily basis.

Hint of Ana Avila

Focus on self-esteem: the oncological treatment, our life passes through many transformations: might be a good time to change your style and your habits! We can empower and work the self-esteem as a great ally in this fight.

Hint of Ana Avila

Cherish the bald: the unforgettable wigs and scarves? So, enjoy your bald! It was not you who chose to go bald, but it may be your decision to take advantage of it, right?

Directed by: Anne Carrard

Photos: Matheus Bruxel

Styling: Ana Avila and Anne Carrard

Texts: Camila Maccari

Makeup: Fernanda Balbinotti

In pictures: Ana Avila and Dani Israel

Thanks: Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana


Fernanda Balbinotti, who signs the make of this editorial, is also committed to help those facing breast cancer. After that your mother had to remove both breasts, she became interested in paramedic, micropigmentação procedure done under medical authorization that reconstitutes the identity of the breast after removal of the mammary areola. More: launched a campaign of collective funding for the project which provides free care for women. Learn how to help the initiative in Catharsis.