Designer Fashion, Vintage and Cheap-So Shoppt Nicole Richie

Thanks star Stylist Rachel Zoe became the fashionista Nicole Richie and is today even designer their label House of Harlow and winter Kate. Here she explains her look; “I buy in expensive and affordable shops. Many of my vintage shirts cost only $10, I have no favorite shops and no favorite label”.

She mixes designer parts with cheap, much like at Rachel Zoe learned (but later fired them…). NIC’s mentor at fashion star, where young designers are sought; by contestant Sarah Parrott, Nicole bought a dress already.

“With fashion one can express themselves, and it comes, how it feels in one piece. If I really love a dress, I will wear it until it falls apart! I love vintage shawls, which bind me often to the head. So if you also look at hair-days bad always good, this is my trick!”.”

She are also business tips: “I the fashion star candidates always said you can’t be the best designer and artist, but you have to take care also to the business. This is just as important!”.”

Rather it has, many young designers krebsen precisely on the edge of subsistence many labels were great above all because of their sponsors, who pay them the participation in the major fashion weeks, the production and advertising. Maybe sometimes unfair, but true.