Department at Indian-Kvalitet sparadoxen

We, like many others in the fashion industry commonly justify price wise, more expensive products with solid craftsmanship. The list goes on and the starting point is always going to be that quality costs but pay off in the long run. This week, we would like to highlight an exception in the form of the Dutch upstart Department at Indian that has gone from strength to strength when it comes to delivering really great costumes for a low price.

Right Department at Indian is a company that we get many questions about. Many of you readers are curious about the quality, fit and how prices can be held on to modest levels. We have made a deep dive and also for a time the examined mark whose future may is considered very promising.

The story behind Department at Indian started a little more than 10 years ago in Amsterdam. The then young and fashion-conscious Fokke de Jong studied law and started in-house to provide their classmates with clothes under its own name. Fokke is the archetype of an enthusiastic entrepreneur never took a law degree but started instead with borrowed money, his own company, the predecessor to the Department at Indian today.

Fokke had a keen interest in fashion and looked with admiration at the big chains Zara and H & M’s ability to drive processes and keep down costs. Even these giganters fast and efficient distribution was something that inspired. The product attracted but not without Suitsupplys original ambition who also currently works for is to supply the middle segment with högkvalitetskostymer at a lower cost than what is available today. Although the firm has other goods than costumes, it is these that are at the heart and the majority have fine Italian fabrics from well-known manufacturers, great fit, full or halvkanvaskonstruktion, open buttonholes and horn buttons.

Recently the Wall Street Journal did an interesting blind test with two kostymexperter in the form of Salvatore Giardina, costume designer and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Salvatore Cesarani, designer and professor at Parsons The New School for Design. They had to assess a number of factors in a number of costumes and costume Department at Indian with a shared first place from Armani which cost almost 4 times as much. They both noted that the suit was very good.

On the question of how prices can be kept low as the company responds to the control the whole process and makes everything inhouse. Historically, the majority of production has taken place in China and the far East, but in the late hours have more factories used in Portugal, Turkey and Italy. They look constantly over their expenses and are currently investigating even Mexico as the manufacturing country.

One thing that makes the Department at Indian extra interesting is their ambition and desire to be a little innovative and interesting. They argue that it is precisely the common cliché in classical fashion with reference to a long history, heritage and men’s Club does not appeal to them. They argue that in their marketing efforts, we will never see an older man at a: overblown car with a glass of champagne in hand. The company has in its ambition to innovate also alluded heavily on six. At one point so much that the publication of its seasonal pictures were ejected from Facebook when six gigs were too daring. Another collection was named “not dressing women” where the message was that the consequence of wearing the company’s clothes would lead to something more.

Some interesting trivia was that company last summer also stripped the Dutch Olympians in London. The question is whether the stylistically not took home the gold medal in this regard?

At present, no Department at Indian stores in Sweden but a series around Europe. They are investing heavily to establish itself in the United States where the third store just turned up the gates. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that the company choose to bet even on one establishment in Sweden. Until then, we keep tillgoda with a certainly well functioning webshop.