Unsurprisingly the denim shirt is one of the pieces of your closet, those jokers that can acquire without fear and with the certainty that we will use for many years. The best: it’s also one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of fashion, being able to give different “faces” to visual, depending on the Add-ons to be used with it. Romantic, sophisticated, sporty, sexy or casual, with a good shirt jeans you can stroll among the various styles and abuse tendency.

Romantic: + Income denim shirt

The rent is a fabric that, by itself, makes any more feminine and romantic, and the shirt jeans could not be different. A pencil skirt with the highlighted bar is a great choice to go with her.

Sophisticated: + Animal print denim shirt

Sophisticated look with denim shirt? Yes! Bet on one piece animal print – be it skirt, pants or short of tailoring – finish with that belt beautiful and get on the jump. You’ll be chic and well dressed for all appointments of the day.

Sports: denim shirt + Leather

For who is a fan of sports style, a choice that has no error is the classic denim shirt + leather combo. Combining it with that jacket super stylish you have in the wardrobe, the look will be guaranteed success.

Sexy: Lingerie + denim shirt

Want to use the shirt jeans, but in a way that the piece be sexier? Leave a few buttons open and use under a pretty nice lingerie, similar to a top. Complement the look with skinny pants and accessories powerful!

Casual: jeans Shirt + Flowers

The floral motifs continue doing handsome in the productions. When applied in the proper or embroidered jeans, the flowers take the fabric of commonplace, keeping the casualty’s look, but with a special detail.

Denim Shirt: 5 Styles Of Looks For You To Use and Abuse The Trend | Marcela Saw Frasson