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My chapter ” Semester Abroad ” began with the fact that I was concerned with which university I would like to go to. Since I really wanted to get out in the sun , the decision to go to California and California State University Long Beach was made relatively quickly. To do this, I had your website send me the required application papers.

While I was waiting for the answer from Long Beach, I sent my documents to the BAföG office in Hamburg and at the end I was able to hand in the confirmation very easily, because that way you get the additional money for the flight to America faster and you can already get into theirs Folders is registered.

When I got the confirmation, I was able to apply for my visa and book my flights and look forward to the adventure ahead .

What I can recommend to everyone is to register in the Facebook groups in which students from Germany and all over the world are looking for a place to stay and get together so that they can spend their semester there together. This helped a lot to almost everyone I met there to find an apartment. Of course you can also find something on the American websites like Craiglist etc., but the search on such sites turns out to be rather difficult.

My first week at university was very eventful and exciting. You get to know a lot of new people very quickly and get an overview of how to find your way around the huge university campus at the beginning . Because in the first 2 weeks you will have to walk around the campus a lot to walk from course to course and to pick up the respective signatures of the subject. What I would recommend is not to prepare yourself for the subjects you want, as the American students take precedence and the popular courses are usually already full. It would be ideal if you look for a higher number of courses beforehand and then try to get the signatures.

When the search for an apartment and course finally came to an end, I could fully look forward to the semester abroad, as it was the most stressful.

I can only say positive things about the university itself! The campus is amazing and has everything a student could want. There are plenty of opportunities to do sports, chill out with friends and enjoy being a student at an American university. Check existingcountries to see more reviews from current students.

Since you can’t go very far on foot in America, I would advise everyone to get a bike, even a car if they can .

You can easily go to the beach, the cinema or 2nd Street. You can only rave about the beach. This is very clean and endlessly long. We often met there to enjoy the weather and relax.

You can also go shopping in the USA at super cheap prices. I would recommend everyone here to think carefully about how many things you really need from Germany. Because the clothes there are really cheap to get and so it happens quickly that you exceed the permitted weight.

You can also easily communicate with other students via Facebook in order to plan any trips. Since hardly anyone has to go to university on Friday, you can plan trips to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon etc. over the long weekends . But other trips, such as New York, Miami, are relatively cheap to make. Domestic flights in America are very cheap and if you plan everything well, you can find really cheap flights. Skyscanner.com would be a website where you can find them cheaply.

I would recommend everyone to take this university because, as already described above, you get everything your heart desires. It was an experience that I will never forget and can only advise everyone to have it too. It was half a year that I will remember forever and that I miss a little when I think back on it.

Finally, I wanted to thank your website again, who made all this possible for me and helped me at all times and accompanied me through the first phase. I couldn’t have imagined better help .


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