CSULB Reviews (1)

I was at California State University Long Beach for the 2015 fall semester . Your website supported me really well during the application process . There was always someone available by phone and they were given super good and professional advice. Before choosing a course, you could already see the course catalog, so that you could plan your schedule in advance. Ultimately, I got exactly the courses that I wanted to take.

The ‘ Week of Welcome ‘ took place in the first week of the university . The different clubs of the university presented themselves here in the inner courtyard of the university. You don’t believe which clubs there are at the university. There is even a YoYo Club, all Asian, African, European and South American associations, Model United Nations, various sports communities, artistic clubs, countless fraternities and sororities, in short: everything you can imagine. During the semester I was in the cheerleading club and the surf club. Both were a lot of fun, offered a welcome change from the relatively stressful everyday university life and gave me the opportunity to come into contact with the Americans. Especially the cheerleading was a lot of fun, because we were a real unit and friendships quickly formed. We cheered for the university’s soccer team as well as the ice hockey and rugby teams. The highlight of the semester was our performance at Homecoming!
Those of you who are into sports should definitely consider the CSULB! Most of the sports facilities are brand new and sport is a top priority at Cal State. The Big West! I worked for sports management and was there for every basketball game in the pyramid, at cheerleading competitions and water polo games. And yes, that was my job. It was great! Check act-test-centers to see more reviews from current students.

When it comes to living, I can only say: you have to lower your German standards a lot. $ 500 per month for a shared room, some students also live in the living room to lower the rent. Some of the apartment complexes are really shabby. However, some apartments have also been newly renovated. This is such a little gamble. However, each apartment complex has its own pool and jacuzzi , and some even have their own relaxation and weight room. The major apartment complexes are Beverly Plaza, Park Avenue Apartments, and Alvista. Most internationals and students live here. There are also countless smaller apartment complexes. All are right on the Traffic Circle, which is a collection of restaurants, supermarkets and clothing stores. I myself only lived with a host family , but they weren’t really interested in me. My room was tiny and right on the street and way overpriced at $ 800. Furthermore, all students lived in the apartment complexes that I always had to go there first. On the way home I took an Uber every day, which at some point got really expensive. Because of that, and for other reasons, I moved in with friends in one of the apartment complexes. From here on, my semester abroad was perfect! I lived with 5 other internationals. We often went to dinner together, went to parties, ended the evenings in the pool or jacuzzi or just cooked together.
Looking back at the living situation, I would recommend renting cheap accommodation for the first few days and then looking for a place to stay on site. Rooms are constantly being vacated and roommates are being sought!

The bus connections are also great. Almost every bus goes to the Traffic Circle and then directly to the university. There are also shuttles from the university , you just need your student ID and you can use this free service from the university. However, it is nice to have your own car, especially to drive to the various surrounding beaches at the weekend. The distances are a little further than you are used to from Germany. The buses will take you anywhere in an emergency.

Cal State Long Beach is an incredibly beautiful university , the campus is super well-kept, green and has everything you can imagine. There are 4 pools, a Recreation Center, the Student Union, various food places, a book store with all kinds of souvenirs with the university’s logo and much more! The university is really huge and super, super beautiful!

Your website was always available and you could always reach out to you with any questions! Thank you very much for this incredibly beautiful semester abroad!

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