Credit Cards for Studying Abroad Part 2

Amount of interest

How high the interest on the credit card is is especially important if the entire invoice amount is not transferred. Each card has an interest-free payment term. Often times, for example, the owner receives the statement at the end of the month. After that, you can take a little more time, but then you will have to pay high interest. To avoid nasty surprises, it is important to know the amount of this interest.

Credit interest

Some providers even lure customers with credit interest with a connected account or even a pure online account. In this way, the credit card account can also be used as a call money account, on which the credit yields at least a small amount of income.

Account management over the Internet

If you would like to use online banking, you should make sure that your own card can be managed in this way. It’s not just about transferring the monthly statement, but also about monitoring expenses so as not to lose track.

Package with EC card / Girocard

In recent years, numerous banks have switched to offering credit cards as part of an account package without charging any fees. For example, bank customers often receive not only an EC card, the so-called Girocard, but also a credit card with their current account. This is often even free – at least in the first year. If you only use your credit card for payments now and then, you should consider this alternative.

Later settlement

How often the statements are sent is of great importance to credit card holders. After all, you get practically an interest-free loan from the respective provider until you are settled. If you are billed monthly, you can spend a lot of money at the beginning of the month, but do not have to pay the bill until a few weeks later. In this way, short-term liquidity problems can be bridged very easily.


Not only the annual fees play an important role with credit cards, but also the possible premiums. Many providers work together with a number of partner companies who enable points, rewards or discounts for purchases.

Cash abroad

If you do not want to be dependent on exchanging money abroad, you can simply withdraw money from the machine with your credit card. The exchange rate is often comparatively cheap. In addition, with some credit cards there are no additional fees for withdrawing money.

Fees for payments abroad

When paying abroad, it is important to pay attention to the amount of the fees. Usually this is a certain percentage of the invoice amount. Before you use your credit card abroad, you should know this percentage so that you don’t have to experience expensive surprises later.

Comparison of credit cards for abroad

A credit card comparison is the best way to make the right choice for a credit card abroad. When making a comparison, you should pay particular attention to the aspects that are important abroad. Selection criteria are, for example:

  • Operation fees abroad
  • Fees for withdrawing money abroad
  • Borrowing rate for higher necessary payments such as tuition fees, etc.

We compared the credit cards “DKB Cash with Visa Card”, the “comdirect Visa Card” and the “Barclaycard Visa Card New”. All are free credit cards with free cash abroad.

Tip: If you have problems with your application due to the lack of proof of income or possibly due to a negative Schufa entry, you should look at prepaid credit cards. These can be topped up with the prepay function and can therefore be used abroad, but only allow the (debit) credit to be used. So no problems with the application, with overdrafts etc. but can be used abroad, where daily things are paid for with the credit card.

1. DKB Cash Visa Card (multiple test winner)


Tip: Video about the DKB Cash

1st year fee 0 euros
Fee in subsequent years 0 euros
Debit interest 7.9%
Credit interest Yes
Withdraw fees for the money 0 euros (worldwide)
Usage fees 0% (EU), 1.75% (outside EU)
Additional services DKB Cash Club with purchase discounts of up to 17%

2. Barclaycard Visa Card New


1st year fee 0 euros
Fee in subsequent years 0 euros
Debit interest 16.87%
Credit interest Yes
Withdraw fees for the money 0 euros (worldwide)
Usage fees 0% (EU), 1.99% (outside EU)
Additional services 25 euros vacation pay

3. comdirect Visa Card


1st year fee 0 euros
Fee in subsequent years 0 euros
Debit interest 9.65%
Credit interest No
Withdraw fees for the money 0 euros (worldwide)
Usage fees 0% (EU), 1.50% (outside EU)
Additional services 100 euros bonus

Credit Cards for Studying Abroad 2