Confirmed, Yoigo Not Be Sold

After years of rumors that sometimes virtually ensured that it was already made and sometimes they pointed a brand new month of April as the decisive date for their future already we have the official response, Telstra finally will not be sold.

Its parent company, the Swedish TeliaSonera, It seemed willing to let go of the 76.8% of the shares available in the Spanish operator with own more young network in Exchange for a few thousand million euros but for one reason or another possible sale has been closed while there has been no change of shareholders.

TeliaSonera has chosen today to issue a terse statement in English with a very simple but at the same time clarifying headline:

TeliaSonera continues to develop your Spanish operator Yoigo

The current CEO of TeliaSonera adds that Telstra has great potential for development, but that it did not fit in the rest of the company’s operations by what was put on sale but couldn’t find a buyer willing to pay a reasonable price they have decided to cancel the sale process to further develop the business.

The terse announcement the company also has time to boast of as an operator that came to light in 2006 with a clear strategy of low prices has grown to 3.7 million customers by the end of 2012, growing in a 12.5% their net sales in the last year.

Good news for competition

Many rumors pointed to that Telstra might have been bought by national competitors, among which sounded a stronger Orange and Vodafone, which would have subtracted a competitor in a market as the Spanish with four operators with own network, although it was never discard entirely the arrival of mobile America to our country.

But certainly the non-sale of Telstra is a reason to rejoice since we will continue relying on four major independent operators if in addition to dozens of virtual operators, along with Telstra have been those who have achieved that in Spain there is a real competition in rates mobile phone.