Comparing Naked 2 Palette vs MUA Undress Me Too

Hello divas!!! Excited for the holidays?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this week there was the biggest buzz among the blogs with the launch of Naked 3. Yes, the Urban Decay released a version of the palette of neutral tones more loved and desired by almost half the world!

The palettes cost 50 dollars!! The quality of the shadows from Urban Decay is almost indisputable!

As in life all are copies … the brand MUA, has become pretty popular there in the land of Queen Elizabeth, has a palette that is identical to the Naked 2.. seriously!! I saw this post here on Things of Divas where Sabrina did the Naked 2 comparison with the Undress me too of the MUA and I was dying to have the same color selection of Naked except it’s 4 pounds!

When my best Gi went to London, I didn’t think twice to ask her to hunt a palette of the MUA to me!!! RS (Gi my love! Thank you for having found it!)

The palette is not too large and is thin, fits in my pouch! The packaging is sturdy plastic and don’t look like it will break for anything, you know? It comes with a sponge brush which is nice, and there’s no mirror.

As for the colors, they are very similar to that of the Naked 2.. which in my opinion is the more complete Naked. It has 3 basic shadows: an almost white (light), a medium brown-grey (to mark the concave) and a black one. The remainder has a more metallic and satin finish, and the colors vary a great deal, check out the photo here below to see the shades.

(PS. the light shadow kill does not appear in the first picture right because I’m too white, but it is pigmented, ok!? LOL)

All shadows are super easy to make up in smoke and it has a good length on the skin. I’ve used a lot of the palette and, most often, without primer or anything. You know what you have to do to make it running? So. use it! Basic shadows are more “dry” and not as pigmented as, but nothing that a primer won’t fix! Metal already are sensational!. they’re kind of creamy, and has a very intense brightness!

I made two makeups to show you any of them used primer or anything like that, compare with on normal clean skin:

Black was not mega, is more a lead but with the primer it turns black.

My truest opinion:

The Naked 2 is my passion. I was seriously thinking of buying it already, but the price always discouraged me and I saw no urgent need to buy, you could do fine with other neutral shades that I have.

As I have not tested the Naked 2, I don’t know if the MUA has the equal quality of shadows, I only know what I read in the reviews comparing the two, but in terms of being a versatile palette “the MUA’s that basic and complete palette, ideal to take on trips and to be always in the bag!!” I was very in love with it, mainly because at the time it cost 15 dollars, and I’m running out fast! The cost benefit is very good … the shadows are good and you can use enough, out here a palette with this quality is pretty hard to find for less than 20 dollars, huh!?

What bothers me is the black shadow except MEGA black, but you can break a good branch! And it didn’t have mirror like others!

Another bad thing is that the MUA is not sold here. So if you have someone you know traveling to England or to the region, be sure to ask for one! I think it’s worth a lot to invest!

And that’s all for today!!!