Colunada Gi: 6 Ways to Bet on the Jumping Sneaker!

The  jumping sneaker for me was the invention of the century, since I always wanted to wear sneakers but I felt very flattered with the traditional models!

I think a lot of other little girls like me were thrilled to put their sneakers on! Hahaha  This fashion came about when the French designer Isabel Marant had the brilliant idea of ​​mixing the sneaker at part of the street style) with the little anabela. To demonstrate my love for this shoe that has everything at the moment, I put up 6 looks with different proposals using the item . I hope you like and are inspired to put together your looks!

Look 1-Cropped camisole + high waist shorts: it  has a more rocky footprint, and as it leaves the legs out, it can be a good one on warmer days!

Look 2-Leather Leggings+regata+vest:  Besides being comfortable, this production has a rock glam face because of the mixture of leather and hair. Master!

Look 3-Hat + sweater + shorts: knitting is everything in winter, and mixed with brown pieces, it makes a very fluffy folk look. The sneaker is the fashion touch!

Look 4-Cute skirt+funny t-shirt:  This production says type: I’m cute, fun and I follow fashion! Hahaha

Look 5-Mullet Dress:  another piece that caught the fashion victims ! It’s an idea for when you need a tidy look, but you do not want to give up tennis.

Look 6-Shirt+short Tail: to play in the ballad(or use during the day, also worth it)! Here is the tip to take the sneakers to the night: bet on brightness and thinner fabrics, like the one on the shirt.

You can create several different styles, right? Besides adapting to almost every occasion, including the ballad! I’m sure this shoe will last for many seasons in my wardrobe(mine I bought in London, but now the good is already have several options around here).

So, which look did you like the most?

Kisses and see you next week!(I.e.