Coachella Festival -My Experiences from the California Desert

It was definitely the biggest OMFG of the still-young year 2016 when I found out when you look at the calendar that my trip to the headquarters of JustFab and Fabletics, falls Festival to Los Angeles just over the first weekend of the legendary Coachella. Just the idea that I depend on this legendary music and art festival on the one hand and actually at the first public concert to the cons of resurrection by Guns N’ Roses being could, was just gigantic. With appetite for destruction, the legendary album from 1987, I have lived my first rebellious teen phase and at the latest then John Connor in 1991 in Terminator 2 with guns N’ Roses in the ears and a cross bike under the butt who saved the world, it had happened to my little teen soul. To make it short – I had to Coachella.

The first sobering-up followed rather quickly when you look on the Coachella website. That here what no prices as could expect at the Neubrandenburg Choir Festival (if at all) to be expected I what using money to do anything, although the cross-bar with $399 what already quite sporty used for the cheapest three-day pass.
Yet ingenious way there Yes StubHub, a marketplace for concert tickets, which also offers a secure standard ticket purchase and so accelerated my pulse just even a little, as I found there actually affordable Coachella tickets. The tickets I could with my credit card then simply pay and sent to my hotel in Los Angeles, and was also the first and most important point after check-in at the hotel, the question of the UPS shipment, which was then immediately handed me. And behold – the ticket to paradise located in the discreet padded envelope or better said a box with all sorts of information about the Festival and the bracelet, with which they then admitted.

At Coachella, you must register online before the Festival visit and there to enable the bracelet. Then, while the bracelet with the visitor data connects then comes at the entrance with a simple ID check on the premises and not unimportant is also the second bracelet for alcoholic drinks–if you want to sit not on dry land. Although the Coachella is pretty gigantic, the parking situation as well as the intake is top organized so I maximum 20 minutes by stopping of the car up to the pass through the inlet controls needed.

The festival area is relatively large and offers lots of classic Open-Air stages, the great for the grease head liner and smaller for the hot newcomers. Then there are also stages which are tent-like roof and even clubs, where you can then listen as 2ManyDJs with mirror on the ceiling, strobe and fog. Overall, this Setup is pretty awesome, because you are all the time in the dawning Sun of the desert and can even change the setup of the large live area to the gemützlichen, small electric Club.

At this point I must also equal to times the many other “Influencer” dissen, who work at the Festival. Coachella is a such rough, musical miracle box that really drives the hottest crap, there just is, or which is just in the. Many artists played at their shows not only the local heroes and celebs from L.A., but there music is celebrated and inspired by each other. In photo background to use as Coachella, to jewelry, to keep jeans and who else is paid, in the camera I find artists compared to disrespectful. Of course, music, fashion and art influence each other and the fashion plays a large role in the Coachella, but the harmony of the various disciplines must be.

Just when the girls, Coachella is a big stage to show clean and fit California body in sexy hippy or boho outfits and also fun. Selfies or outfit photos are also included and the creativity in fashion is simply gigantic at the Coachella, even if most pretty bad press in the “typical Coachella-style” and there is therefore a certain uniformity. The people who shoot not only Selfie and snaps, but with stylists, Monster lens plow photographers, security, mask and Carlos about the Festival, to work for me but have a funny aftertaste. I wanted to can be quite consciously not under pressure to sit and absorb just about and enjoy and let me tell you something – that is true luxury. Go and really be there and feel it and go off. I save me hence the pictures of cool outfits you then in Zalando, Levi BB´s, Seven Jeans and H & M can buy after the Coachella-style according to style. Makes it easy. Or better yet, enters the second hand shop your city and anything from vintage fashion puts together yourself or ask your mothers, if you have not yet a few classics, you can combine great.

I have kept it pretty simple with my look and for various Brofists of insiders get a neat hood by air-shirt to appreciate. Anyway I met great people from all over the world by locals from California, to Spanish, New Zealanders, and lots of Dopeheads who have there just a good time. What’s great about Coachella, is that people know Act and although constantly lying grass clouds in the air and hover some people also in the parallel universe across the lawn, there are hardly any rude or any honks that simply had too much of something. A good mood, but stay well on it seems the motto.

But we come to some musical highlights. My first blast was the appearance of run the jewels, which now also are known in Europe and that I follow but some time and showing the next evolutionary stage of hip hop. The RTJ2 album you can you by the way free download with the boys.

Then it went lab, where San holo so delivered, the do in that the crew there completely freaked out. Even lab had the do with Mayor Lazer, DJ Koze, and many more, that best electronic dance music at the start, so that I could actually stay there the whole time. For $8 then first there was a fruit Cup with mango, pineapple, grapes, washed down with a $4 Red Bull. The range of food and drinks is by the way typical Californian and extremely versatile. Everything included and also is actually still reasonably affordable Thai food on TexMex, barbecue, pizza, vegan, and salads. Of course it is expensive, but not completely priceless and who made it up on BB´s Coachella, coped with the prices.

I checked off then for the first time on the site, to get a better overview of the different locations and saw closer look also the different art installations. By the way, H & M for the Coachella collection has built up your own shop on the festival grounds. Hardcore!
Now it had become dark and the people of the Coachella had worried super cool, oversized floor lamps, illuminated the area now.

On the main stage ice cube, played out then of course lots of support by other rappers of L.A. and had the West Coast at the start and at least all the disengage when he performed as n.w.a. and of course fuck had the police as first track in.

Luckily, I am then in the Espacio one right clubs or on the premises, and a pretty private secret took with there performance of 2manydj BB´s, who had played only in the great Sahara tent where it was but something confusing, as can be seen here:

To come down to this new dance Flash, I then get to the Ferris wheel, the famous Le Grande Wheel Ferris wheel on the Coachella Festival, that way, according to the London Eye and Le Grande is Roue de Paris, that are so firmly installed, the largest mobile Ferris wheel. Funny way you must bind driven and so I formed a team with Shawn, who with his girlfriend really had and is happy now the whole story on the cheek me not only with the Ferris wheel to before he driving settled over just before the end, he loves her now yet again. What Ferris wheels so can do…

In the Ferris wheel, you realize again how big the Festival however is, if you can see the different stages, clubs and venues, and the sea of tents on the campsite.

The absolute killer moment was then, of course, as finally Guns N’ Roses played and you realized clearly that many only due to Axl, slash and co. had come – at all was a Guns N’ Roses band T shirt a very popular Untensil that Coachella day and I was glad to have decided against this idea. However, it was exciting to see the different shirts, because of old, rare tour shirts, until to brand new shirts or fashionshirts (…als times with rock band imprint modern was something) there to see the full range.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere was clouded but a little, because Axl Rose had apparently injured in the leg and was therefore during the show in a Chair and gave everything, although in the sit down to rock, but somehow one wishes already, that speeds the singer of a rock band on the stage. Also was set on 90 minutes and according to my personal taste have Guns N’ Roses simply no hits for 90 minutes and thus always two to three somewhat lax songs followed by one of the large blast. You could tell after the first 30 minutes significantly also the fraction of generation in the audience. For the younger visitors to Coachella, not with guns N’ Roses are raised, the show and the sound was simply too lax and could not keep up with the other headliners, rather from the now come and no 80s legends, such as GnR. The audience dünnte in the course of the show something out, but that the concentration of real fans but rose.

There was a clear statement on the rumors, if Axl Rose would now accompany AC/DC as a singer on the tour.Angus Young, AC/DC’s guitarist came on the stage and together, whole lotta Rosie was performed – end the rumors.

Before it then went into the hotel, I’ve covered me with a little merch and have checked off even the record store there on the Festival site, but out of concern over the transport of sensitive vinyl to Europe, I have yet decided to adopt T-Shirts and an original Coachella picnic blanket. If you see someone with a Coachella ceiling in Berlin, Potsdam and surroundings, but just say Hi if you want to know anything else about Coachella.

For me, it is clear that I must necessarily back to Coachella and must take me more time so that I can rock really every 3 days. For the Stimmmung, the people and the musical Line-Up are simply unique in the first place. And please not the tickets at StubHub buy me now away in the next year.

And, if I show no Coachella outfits and review focus on the music and the event in my Coahella, but the more important impressions were sorry for me and for the outfits, just look here.