Clever Disguise! So You Cheat Is Slimmer

Clever disguise-same slimmer

Our advantages are even more beautiful, if we small weaknesses skillfully overplay. Work smart with these outfits hide very well…

Clever disguise-same slimmer: cuff:

Who has been so toned and sinewy arms like Madonna – and who would want that at all? Arms “with what it” are not serious and can also hide in the blink of an eye.

Styling tips for cuff:

Large flutter sleeves of tunic is very charming elbows – also thanks to the trendy flower pattern that distracts. Extra bonus: The crocheted trim can be narrower to work the upper body.

Clever disguise-same slimmer: total chubby

Curves are great-so you can see increasingly chubby models on the catwalks. 56 percent of German women wear size 42 or more – and who its charm inserts can shine in every size.

Styling tips for total chubby

The blouse a-line flatters also luxuriant curves and is not due to finest cotton. Ideal for: a pair of jeans with Bootcut (flared hem)-it compensates the proportions.

Clever disguise-same slimmer: chubby waist

“Love handles” (German: “Love handles”) the soft curves above the hip – hot Note: the affectionate term refers to something nice. Appreciate your body as it is!

Styling tips for a chubby waist

The sporty look of denim shirt and white jeans puts focus on narrow arms and legs. The waist concealed a casually tailored vest, worn open.

Clever disguise-same slimmer: wider hips

Many women resent to an expansive Hüftpartie-wrong: often it is associated with a narrow waist, which can be clever to bring to the fore. And: A pear-shaped figure has a positive effect on health.

Styling tips for wider hips

Rounder hips disappear underneath the folds of cotton rock. On the ring he fits tightly, so that he does not wide and accentuates the waist – so tops close to the figure fit.

Clever disguise-same slimmer: strong thighs

Problem zone thighs? Not for long! Choose a umspielenden Blazer when the morning handle in the wardrobe.

Styling tips for strong thighs

A straight-cut jacket is perfect. The muted colors flatter in addition. Great eye-catcher: the chain draws the eye upwards!

Clever disguise-same slimmer: little tummy

38 percent of all German women are dissatisfied with their belly. But a small curvature has something adorable female. Fortunately, sheath dresses are out-and the romantic style flatters here!

Styling tips for a small tummy

The dress falls under the chest apart-and so also loosely over the belly. Knitting Bolero and ruffle hem of the dress look also continued from the middle of the body.

Clever disguise:… and which conjure also slim

Would have you thought it? So small and yet so effective: these accessories let us look better

Signals: with colorful Ringelreihen pulls the views–and quickly away from the belly, hips, thighs scarf right… (Grain de Malice, about 10 euros) The favorite looks of the week: Subscribe to our free fashion & B here.

Gently shimmer: emphasize your waist with a fine belt. Tip: a narrow model seems gracefully as a wide. (Our site, approximately 40 euro) The favorite looks of the week: Subscribe to our free fashion & beauty newsletter here.

Clever disguise:… and which conjure also slim

Noble cheat: long chain break the surface of sweaters and dresses – thus we seem instantly thinner. (Bijou Brigitte, approx. 15 euro)

Clever disguise:… and which conjure also slim

Nobel occur: A paragraph, a small, visually stretches the figure and ensures a more gear. (‘5th Avenue by Halle Berry’ about Deichmann, approx. 40 euro)