Clarks-Tradition Committed the Progress

Clark’s company looks back on a long tradition in the shoe trade. Since its founding in 1825, the company can draw on a wealth of rich experiences. So it was possible that Clark was a year to the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor shoes, with a presence in over 35 countries and sold 50 million copies.

This position, to maintain and to expand, the company relies on the successful concept of a combination of sophisticated appearance with technically sound and safe comfort.

This emphasis is placed among other things especially on joint-gentle properties of shoes. This helps especially the soft padding of the insole that is achieved through a network of air ducts and tunnels. In addition, small flexible round buckles on the outsole cushion every step and optimally support the rolling of the foot. Soft latex foam in the forefoot also dampens the appearance and cushions the ball of the foot. The Atsu massage technology increases by small, incorporated in the footbed beads, the well-being of the wearer and prevents fatigue when walking.
The shoes are not glued as other brands in the low-cost procedures, but sewn. This makes positively influenced them more flexible, what extends the life of the one and the other comfort. Also recessed facilitate ‘Flex Points’ at the bottom of the rolling off of the feet when walking.

In terms of material, putting on the best Goretex technology at Clark’s. You guarantee not only an optimal foot climate, but also ensures that the customer even in bad weather must not suffer wet feet. The Clark’s rock rubber outsole ensures perfect grip in wet or dry weather. The shoes are also for outdoor activities suitable where, feet and shoes find a higher load, as when the walk walking. Walk the wave technology also supports the gentle rolling of the foot. It consists of a unique curved sole with special pivot point and toe reinforcement.

The success of the brand of Clarks last but not least derives from the full combination of all technical possibilities, which are likely to provide the consumer with a shoe which convinces with its comfort and durability.
Even with the appearance of its products, Clark’s will meet the highest requirements. In the company there is no is for short-lived trendsetting. It may inter alia the model desert Jockey by Clarks testify impressively. The Clarks women boots in equestrian style convinces by simple elegance in vintage. With its timeless elegant design, it fits to the outfit. It succeeded Clark’s, to provide the functionality of the desert rider boots in feminine-themed design.