Celebrity Shopping Queen with Mirjam Weichselbraun

Have d ´ honor-celebrity shopping is Queen again to guest in Vienna. In the European Center of ball culture and three-quarter time Mirjam Weichselbraun, Fashionista Sophie Hermann, actor Raúl imagine presenter this time judge and pop star Ireen sheer styling challenge by TV favourite designer Guido Maria Kretschmer.

The task for the dear wonderful candidates “prom night in Vienna. Whether the fashion highlight of the evening on a ball of your choice are elegant or extravagant-“. Again, a motto which leaves a lot of room for interpretation and personal preferences. The right event is freaked out from classically elegant to bias in the Viennese ball calendar for every taste. Only Opera ball and life leave room for daring outfits ball, both international figureheads of the city and we had also the pleasure to be at the Viennese Opera ball in. Ball outfit the celebrities get exceptionally 750 euro instead of 500 euro shopping-budget nothing changes the usual four hours time.

Fashionista and blogger Sophie Hermann throws first in the departments of tulle. Their comrades put high expectations in the fashion Queen feels more of the its tight budget as from the topic under pressure. Fashion twins with girlfriend Larissa first controls at a bridal shop, alternatively a look from the sex shop you have in mind you. Plan B is closer than you like, even as to fit into the clothes of the Frank wedding Sau rapporteur, missing her Petite figure clearly a few servings of Kaiserschmarrn.

Eventually a Crystal occupied twinkle dream at Sophie brings back memories of the dress of a beauty queen or better yet a squeaky yellow ball gown à la “The beauty and the beast”? The girls do not become easily the shopping experience. When they want to steal a calculator and a pair of scissors, Guido out is: “I am anti theft”. Whether they actually know that every Smartphone has a calculator function?

After the decision for the dress was taken, resolutely continued. D’Ambrosio , quickly matching sandals with Valentino effect can be found. “Mountain crystal” by Bijou Brigitteensures the necessary Blingbling. The styling a wonderful hairdresser drives Sophie Bertram K , with a few simple steps the perfect beautiful look kreieret.

After the tour we know: stay away from Fahrradikschas in Vienna. For five minutes, € 20 per person demand, is clearly extortionate.

Raúl judge the motto for men is very difficult. The actor looking for something unusual to elicit the women’s points. With a bored noble suit that is not likely to create. As support is a dream in short pants to the side Raúl soon: Bert. His negotiating skills saved the look at the end. Only in the third business, which although well sorted but also priced permanently beyond the scope of, a few looks that come in question can be found.

As a third member of the group, Ireen Sheer, and their “secret weapon” make Bert companion on the way. “Ireen is an old-timer of the show that can” Guido Maria Kretschmer is pleased about the 67 singer. You decides ball for the life, because to create allow more relaxed outfits. In fact, the Showgirl is quite fast his Grail in the form of a Paillettenjumpsuit. After a matching shoe we meet in search of the Buffalo pumps an old shopping Queen friend. Guido can still tired smile: “I’ve seen the shoe now so many times, I feel like I told him myself.”

The Austrian Mirjam Weichselbraun moderated years confidently live by the Vienna Opera ball. Due to this home advantage, it is the largest competition in the eyes of Sophie Hermann. In addition, Miriam is supported by a professional. You shoppt with girlfriend Niki Osl. The accessory Designer creates flower wreaths and hair arrangements that are currently a big hit in the Promidamen at the Oktoberfest and often part of Miriam’s Opera ball outfits. Both are likely to know best what is the perfect look for a prom night. However, the budgetary situation is problematic.

In the vintage luxury second store Bocca Lupo provide hand prices of fine designer Darling snap breathing. Even if the motto of the Viennese seller: try to the price comes later is very time consuming, finds Miriam two gorgeous models clothes at the no name. A red Bodycon dress in the Hervé Léger style (Raúl judge favorite) and a traditional evening dress in black with A line and embroidery.

The shoes are in the Mariahilfer Straße to Humanic. Here Mirjam and Niki make a dance test first before buying, finally, the evening of the ball should be fun. The selected mid heel points however Gudio nor the celebrities. More so, rich styling impressed team. Within 15 minutes, the guys from Sven König transform her fine hair in a noble Chignon which harmoniously merges with the floral decoration of Miss Lilly’s hats.