Celebrity Shopping Queen with Marusha

Be prepared for a fashionable “mission: impossible”. In the latest episode of the popular TV broadcast celebrity shopping Queen designer Guido Maria Kretschmer provides its prominent candidates with an autumn challenge in a good mood. DJane Marusha, singer, and Comedian Manuela Wisbeck Senna to g and the Austrian society Lady Christina “Machi” Lugner will be surprised by the glove’s motto.

“Gloves: whether long or short – create a look to the practical, but also elegant accessory.”

MacIE and Senna no longer understand the world. “That’s impossible!” Gloves seem as absurd as the Earth without gravity their fashion universe. Perhaps, Guido the motto would have to pack, something hipper. ‘Whether Madonna or Karl, Sissi or Missy (Elliott) show you the it piece glove in the new season are wearing.’So or packed so the task nothing is changed for all ladies hands is said to be exciting if possible.

First, Christina Lugner is the unpopular issue. Florian Wess accompanied by “Botox-Boy” she throws herself into a Vienna shopping adventure. Who thinks, that both have a goal in mind is wrong. Here, style worlds collide bluntly, resistant to advice and loudly. While Christina wants to simply fix have done the task, her companion has visions in the mind’s eye. Fast and cheap sophisticated meets edel. Florian a Grace Kelly Monaco look in mind, MacIE knitting for six euros. He even refuses to pay the outfit selected by you. Guido comments amused: we never had that. For the first time in the history of “shopping Queen” the monitoring will not cough the money.
Hunt by Vögele woman tunnel view and Mr narcissistic to the Lugner City (Deichmann, Miss Moda) and patient demand on their trip the last spark the sales clerks. Only by watching it feels rushed. Fortunately takes the date at the catwalk end, but which one?

The Berlin cult DJ Marusha shoppt course in the capital. Unlike Maciejewski, she is pleased about the motto, let but room for interpretation in any direction. Advise your Udo is rolling husband Karsten style to the page. Marusha was known for their eyebrows signal green, because it needed no jewellery to get noticed. And does not have without her old trademark she knits on shiny accessories.
This time only their gloves are green. In the noble vintage shop Nr. 8 (Ludwigkirchstr.) with toying Marusha wearing a White leather suit, however their size. At the last minute, she decides to, selects a Missoni dress, the lucky way corresponds to their size and with one blow the budget cut in half. At the end, there is an outfit a la Chanel that ensures that enthusiasm. You must probably don’t mention where it went for the DJ to the Wasserwellenhairstyling monitoring.

Comedian Manuela Wisbeck third is the bad girl in mind. She has only a single pair of gloves in the closet, as if Guido knew it. Your outfit search in the boutique Nicola starts slow. It is much berlinert and laughed to himself after an Odyssey of Berber pants sweater vest or wet suit like overalls finds the right but look. After four hours, an all-round satisfied candidate is happy on the catwalk in the hope that their supporters will find the friendly look as beautiful.

With loud protest Senna g had welcomed the motto and enough time to bring in the other suggestions. On the last day she is in Berlin on the search for the perfect glove-style. The 36 already once on the podium stood by “celebrity shopping Queen”. On its laurels the singer and presenter wants to be resting. The starting point of their shopping tour is the Potsdamer Platz – you can hardly have shorter distances in Berlin. Purposefully attracts Senna to the glove Professional racer in which Friedrich str. surprised by the variety of the glove market shoppt it with berries in Guido’s heart: “this is one of the most beautiful looks, the we at the ‘ celebrity shopping Queen’ had ever on the runway!” Certainly, the designer is repeated, but there are records we Queen always again happy to hear while shopping. The critically acclaimed outfit shoppte them at the Mall of Berlin at Gina Tricot. For the right hairstyling and makeup, the lively Senna rewarded the team of Swan beauty with a generous tip.