Capilano University Semester Abroad (1)

I already knew at the beginning of my studies that I wanted to go to Canada for my semester abroad. I then read through old testimonials and got in touch with female students who had spent their semester in Vancouver. They told me that they organized their stay through MicroEDU. I decided to get this kind of support because it makes it much easier to organize my own business. I also compared the costs of all universities that work with MicroEDU. Ultimately, Capilano University (CapU) in North Vancouver seemed like the best choice.

Organization and application

The independent organization of a semester abroad took a lot of time, but it was also exciting and was made a lot easier by MicroEDU. I had to be patient with the application because the International Office at CapU was very busy, but in the end everything went exactly as planned. As long as all the documents were in place, it was also fairly certain to be accepted. A plan B was not absolutely necessary.

The organization of the International Office at CapU was not always very efficient, but everyone was open to problems and helped you with every question. That didn’t change when we were there. It was clear that the International Office of CapU and MicroEDU work closely together.


The course enrollment worked for me from the start, but I’ve seen other cases as well. It all depends on a bit of luck. I took four different courses that were definitely manageable in terms of workload.

I had “Psychology – Theories of Personality”, “Linguistics – Introduction to General Linguistics: Language Structure”, “International Business – Cross Cultural Business” and “Communications – Introduction to Communication Studies”. All four courses went well with my studies in International Information Management in Hildesheim; In terms of content, some things have been repeated, but some things have been viewed from a different point of view. Of course, I also learned new things, but in general the input was significantly lower than usual.

In general, the level of the courses was not as high as in Hildesheim. You have a lot of work during the lecture period in the semester, as assignments have to be submitted every week, which are not necessarily demanding in terms of content, but sometimes require a lot of time. The teaching methods there are more reminiscent of school than university. This is due, for example, to the smaller courses. My lecturers told a lot, including private stories and many examples. The content is usually based on a book, which depending on the course is necessary or sometimes just incidental.

The grade is made up of many partial percentages, which are achieved through assignments, presentations, projects, mid-term exams and final exams. I enjoyed studying in English and it helped me a lot, and I find Canadian English very easy to understand.

There are facilities at CapU that offer help with writing and some other study-related difficulties. So there is always a contact person available, which makes it even easier to pass the courses. Even if there were a lot of tasks during the lecture period, I was able to incorporate excursions and short trips. To do this, I had to (and because of the amount) I was able to decide beforehand which tasks to focus on.


According to mcat-test-centers, the costs for such a semester abroad should not be underestimated. That is why I recommend applying for BAföG abroad and other scholarships. It is paid according to the course, which is why you can save money with fewer courses. I paid about $ 8,000. This includes all application fees, tuition fees for international students for four courses and monthly tickets. In addition, there may be costs for books, but these are very price-dependent. When it comes to accommodation, it very much depends on how you want to live. I lived in a student residence hall and I can definitely recommend it. It may not always be cheaper, but you make a lot of contacts early on. Generally speaking, the cost of living is a little more expensive than in Germany.


Vancouver and the surrounding area have a lot to offer, I was also on the road a lot outside of university. Short trips to the north, the Rocky Mountains, Seattle and Vancouver Island are a must. But there is also a lot to discover in Greater Vancouver. I really enjoyed my semester abroad at Capilano University in Vancouver. It was a good mix of studying, making new friends and discovering beautiful places.

Capilano University Semester Abroad 1