Who knew that a fashion company could cause such a stir in social networks? C & A, famous for clothes that sells over two hundred stores in the country, decided to put Facebook on their shelves. They adopted, in an unprecedented action, counters of “likes” data through the social network to hangers strategically positioned in the concept store maintained at a mall in São Paulo.

It works as follows: the user enters the Brazilian C & A’s Facebook page and search for “Fashion Like” tab. There appear pieces of clothing, from 14/4, can be tanned directly on the site. From next Saturday (21/4) these tanned same will appear on hangers physical store located in the shopping Iguatemi, in São Paulo.

The idea is strongly reminiscent of that concept of “internet of things “, which provides for the use of objects of everyday life – not necessarily technological – connected to the network. All Facebook users will be able to show who is in the store which are the most tanned clothing, said C & A in a statement.

According to C & A, special macaw with the collection for Mother’s Day has a PC connected to the internet. Arduino controls attached to this machine reflect the real-time voting on Facebook company. Yes, the counter will be updated immediately when the user presses the button “like” on the social network.

C & A released a video promoting the special action. Watch below.

(YouTube Video)

The action was created by DM9DDB advertising agency, which claims to have been inspired by that traditional situation where a friend asks another opinion when buying a piece of clothing. But, in the fashion retailer, will be the opinion of everyone who decide to use Facebook C & A.

From what I could see the vote is still very modest. The turn-click more rolled so far recorded only 124 votes (or “Likes”), very little for something produced by a company the size of C & A.

For now the action is limited to ten pieces of clothing. Will soon we will see this in more stores with more items? And most importantly: is a button “hated it” will not be missed?


C & A Adopts Facebook Like Button on Clothes Hangers
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