You should already know the BuzzFeed, right? The site brings together entertainment and information and is responsible for the lists of GIFs with animals who are having a worse day than your earn their official Brazilian version on Friday.

But contrary to what one might imagine, since the Brazilian is as active on the Internet, the site will have content produced here. At least at first, it will be all translated from the American version.

To do this, the strength will be used job Study Duolingo, a platform that aims to teach other languages ​​for free through sites translation – this is the “payment” the student: to ensure that any Internet page is available in a new language, as if he worked while learning.

This is the first time the Duolingo has a client and the platform has been chosen by the naturalness of the translation. Obviously, they are much better than automatically made ​​by, say, a Google Translate life. As the BuzzFeed uses many slang words and created the Internet the day before yesterday, it better be a real person making the adjustments.

The intention is that, over time, the original content is produced also Brazil. For this, you hired an editor to work at the headquarters of BuzzFeed in New York (there is already a Brazilian) with this focus, and to monitor how it is being receiving and sharing posts by Brazilians.

If you already ran into some content in Portuguese of Brazil made by Brazilians on the site, it is good to clarify that nãao part of this initiative – which begins only on Friday, as we talked about – but the BuzzFeed Community, which allows anyone post there.

Besides Portuguese, the site will also have versions in Spanish and French, but the first country with a language other than English to make a version of the site is ours. That’s because Brazil is the country that has English as official language yields more visits to BuzzFeed.

The language in which the site will be displayed will be the same in which the browser is configured; so if you do not want or see the translations made ​​by fellow countrymen, since this change. But it’s worth taking a chance, will you? Because, depending on the acceptance, it may be that in the future, the site get a sales office here and the chances of you seeing working kitten GIFs all day increase.

BuzzFeed Arrives in Brazil on Friday with Free Online Platform Translation