British Vogue Replaces Models For “Real” Women In Special Edition

The November issue of British Vogue will be released only on Thursday (6), but it’s giving something to talk about in the land of the Queen. For the first time in your history, the magazine gave the models a break and will present common women in their editorials. Academics and entrepreneurs star in most of the trials of the Real Issue (“real issue”), showing that women can be successful fashion without losing professionalism.

–Strongly believe that women in positions of authority and career professionals should display your interest in fashion without sounding superficial or careless with your job, “said Alexandra Shulman, editor of the magazine, the newspaper The Telegraph. -In this country, if you are a woman that doesn’t work with fashion or entertainment, still faces a stigma for caring and experience openly with the your visual.

Alexandra is known for criticizing the restrictions of the brands with the appearance of the models. Although unprecedented in the United Kingdom, Vogue’s initiative follows the trend of the fashion universe to diversify the faces of their actions. In September, the Department network j.crew also gave up the professional models on your parade on New York fashion week. Swedish H&M already announced your autumn/winter collection in a campaign with women from different areas and styles in everyday situations.

Among women invited to the Special Edition are the architect Shumi Bose, the journalist Melanie Reid, who is a quadriplegic, and Kitty Travers, founder of La Grotta Ices, an ice cream company. The diversity of the Real Issue, however, has a limit: the cover of the publication was to actress Emily Blunt (the Devil Wears prada).