The Twitter is a social network that has grown and is in vogue in Brazilian media (with a certain delay, I know, but it is). However, little is said about the use of networked mobile devices. Thinking about it, the Brazilian researchers Gabriela Zago and Raquel Camargoare promoting research to discover more about mobility and Twitter.

You use SMS to update your Twitter profile? Have you used the phone to check the DMs your contacts sent you? Ever viewed the website interface geared for mobile devices? All this can be answered by the questionnaire published in Google Docs.

  • Reply research on mobility and Twitter.

I talked to Gabriela, who told me where did the inspiration for the search: “Our idea is to try to join academics and blogu√≠sticos interests; do a search on a subject that is of our interest.” According to her, so the search is finished, the results will be published (site is not affiliated with Twitter).

It is worth remembering that both Gabriela as Rachel Camargo are Masters students in the humanities area. The research has scientific and the data contained therein are confidential. By the way, in five minutes you can complete them all. Participates there! = D

Brazilian Doing Research on Mobility on Twitter
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