Blaenk Fashion Week Berlin Show

Silke Geib and Nadine Möllenkamp have 2011 Blaenk founded the fashion label and belong to the newcomers of the Berlin fashion week 2013. The young label is already successful, 2013, they won the “Start your fashion business” award of the Vogue and Salon have been invited by Christiane Arp to the VOGUE editor in Chief. The two local young ladies so that have captured her heart, and many more will follow.

Silke Geib and Nadine Möllenkamp have studied very successfully both fashion design and already have a large experience, they worked over the past years in renowned fashion houses. Both attracted as much attention with their theses were presented the fashion collections at festivals. Met the two designers in Amsterdam, today they operate stores in Berlin and Amsterdam, live and work in both cities.

The label Blaenk has a distinctive, dreamy, fairytale style unlikely to come the white feminine. Delicate fabrics reminiscent of fairy tale characters like snow white. The materials from Vintagematerialien and completely newly developed ideas are pure white and soft flowing. The mostly pure white, innocent-looking robes get red accents that seem so unusual as interesting, and to attract one magically appear. Constantly discovered one new details on the clothes of the new women’s fashion collection for 2013 skillfully the garments with a makeup that is striking above all by the bright red Lippstift, were used in the scene. The hairs are strictly combed back and are embellished by Flechtereien discreetly, distract the view but not from the magical dress compositions.

Her fashion is noble, high quality and tailored with great attention to detail. For the new collection, the two designers had extra weave fabrics in Paris and customize. The coat is resulted in eierschalenfarbenen fabric. Difficult to process delicate blouses and dresses made of fine silk combine the two designers with masculine jackets and suits.

Her style is created in part in elaborate handmade details and finishings. They show experiment in the processing of materials. You do not shrink even in front of knit, the combination with the fine silk is sexy. Her fashion is modern avant-garde. The loosely woven threads in their airy creations are special, constantly recurring trademarks.

The Elfish style of up and coming young designers would go well with the fashion-conscious celebrities such as Barbara Becker, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Heike Makatsch and Christiane Paul that already have been spotted at fashion week in Berlin.