Ashford, Connecticut

According to A2zcamerablog, Ashford, Connecticut is a small town located in Windham County in the northeastern part of the state. The town was first settled in 1710 and incorporated in 1714. It is bordered by Eastford, Willington, Mansfield, Hampton, and Chaplin. The town has a total area of 24.1 square miles and is home to an estimated population of 2,843 as of 2018.

The topography of Ashford consists mainly of rolling hills with several ridges running through the center and along the western border. The town has numerous small streams, such as Beaver Brook and Little River, running along its borders. There are also several lakes located within Ashford including Lake Chaffee, West Hill Pond and Mashapaug Lake. Much of the land within Ashford is forested with stands of oak, maple and pine trees providing shade for many trails throughout the area.

The economy of Ashford is largely agricultural with dairy farming being one of the main industries in the area. Local farms produce hay, corn, potatoes and other vegetables for sale both locally and regionally. In addition to farming there are also businesses that provide services to local residents such as auto repair shops, grocery stores and hardware stores.

Residents of Ashford enjoy a variety of recreational activities throughout the year including hiking on one or more trails at nearby Mashapaug Lake State Park or at Natchaug State Forest area which offers camping opportunities as well as fishing spots along its streams or ponds. In addition to outdoor activities there are many historical sites within Ashford that offer insight into its past such as Old Town Hall which was built in 1812 or Camp Niantic which served as a military base during World War II where soldiers trained for combat operations overseas before being deployed overseas during World War II.

Overall, Ashford is an ideal place for those looking for small-town living with easy access to larger cities like Hartford or Boston via Interstate 84 which runs through town providing quick travel times to any destination desired without having to worry about traffic congestion found in larger cities. With its beautiful landscape featuring rolling hills covered by tall trees combined with its rich history it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this quaint Connecticut community home.

History of Ashford, Connecticut

Ashford, Connecticut is a small town located in the Northeastern part of the state. It was first settled in 1714 by Thomas Ashley and his family, who were among the first English settlers in the area. The town was originally known as “Ashley’s Town” or “Ashley’s Ford” and was officially incorporated in 1714.

During the Revolutionary War, Ashford provided a safe haven for local farmers and militia members who were fleeing from British troops. Ashford also supplied food to troops during this time. After the war, many of these same farmers and militia members returned to their homes in Ashford and began to build up the town.

In 1819, Ashford created its own school system which included an elementary school and a high school. This school system allowed many of the children living in Ashford to receive an education that they would not have been able to get elsewhere.

In 1822, a post office was opened in Ashford which allowed citizens to send mail back and forth more easily than before. This post office is still operating today and is located on Main Street near the center of town.

During the 19th century, many people moved into Ashford due to its easy access to transportation routes such as steamboats on nearby rivers or railways that connected towns throughout New England. This influx of new residents allowed for businesses like mills and factories to open up which provided jobs for many people living in Ashford at this time.

The 20th century saw more growth for Ashford with businesses like hotels opening up as well as new industries such as dairy farming becoming popular within the town limits. The population also grew significantly during this time period due to increased immigration from Europe and other parts of America into Connecticut.

Today, Ashford still maintains much of its small-town charm with its historic buildings, old-fashioned general store, quaint churches, beautiful countryside views, family-owned farms and friendly locals who are proud of their hometown history. Although it has changed over time with new businesses popping up here and there or technology advancing at a rapid rate – it still remains a quiet yet vibrant community that many locals love calling home.

Ashford, Connecticut