Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

The state of Arizona, also called The Grand Canyon State, is best known for the Grand Canyon. Of course you will visit the Grand Canyon during your Arizona vacation. But there is much more to see and experience. How about the cities of Phoenix & Scottsdale , you can do this with a Fly Drive Phoenix / Scottsdale . You can also extend an Arizona vacation to a Western America vacation.

Cutest cities in Arizona

You can really discover the unique character of the state of Arizona in one of these surprisingly nice cities.


According to Bittranslators, Phoenix is ​​one of the fastest growing cities in America. The undisputed cultural hub of the Southwest where admirable modern architecture meets inspiring street art. And where the many restaurants and bars have the best Mexican and Southwestern American dishes on the menu. Fun fact: Phoenix has the most hours of sunshine in Arizona, the sun shines here no less than 354 days a year.

2. Scottsdale

Scottsdale is known as ‘The west most western town’ and is located near Phoenix in a beautiful desert landscape. In addition to exclusive spas and luxurious five-star golf resorts, Scottsdale is a true breeding ground of art and culture with its many art galleries and various museums. Scottsdale is often referred to as the posh, glossy part of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

3. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is the highest city in Arizona and therefore has a cooler climate than the rest of the state. It attracts visitors year-round who want to relax in a friendly town or who come to enjoy festivals and craft beer. In the winter you can ski and snowboard on the Arizona Snowbowl. The rest of the year, Flagstaff is an ideal base for visiting the Grand Canyon and other Arizona hot spots.

4. Tucson

Tucson is a college town with more history than any other city in Arizona. This second largest city in Arizona is located in a wide valley and surrounded on all sides by mountains. Tucson is a lively city where you will find everything from ancient culture and impressive nature to vintage shops and hip restaurants. And, of course, some of North America’s largest cacti.

5. Sedona

In the middle of the red rocks of Arizona lies Sedona. A place that traditionally has a magical attraction for people in search of spirituality. Around Sedona you will find a number of vortexes, places with a special energy that are suitable for meditation and healing. The city is a true Valhalla for wellness enthusiasts with its many luxurious resorts, spas and gourmet restaurants. The city also attracts more and more outdoor enthusiasts who come to hike, mountain bike or rock climb.

6. Mesa

Mesa, Arizona’s third largest city, is a bustling place in the desert where you’ll discover something new around every corner. Museums, live music, sports but also walks and some of the better restaurants in the area.

7. Tempe

Tempe is sandwiched between downtown Phoenix and Mesa. An energetic city in the Greater Phoenix area. The presence of about 50,000 students creates a lively and cozy atmosphere where, thanks to the bars and restaurants and live music, there is always something to do.

National Parks in Arizona

Arizona has 3 National Parks that you cannot miss during your vacation: Grand Canyon National Park , Petrified Forest National Park and Saguaro National Park. All 3 are well worth a visit during your Arizona vacation.

One of the most famous American National Parks is the Grand Canyon National Park, this park is one of the oldest parks in America. The park includes the Grand Canyon, a deep canyon carved by the Colorado River. This park is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Petrified Forest National Park is located in northeastern Arizona. This park is known for the many petrified trees that are located in the park and have a special color. Many fossils of plants and animals are found here.

Saguaro National Park is less well known and is located in the American Sonoran Desert. The park takes its name from the Saguaro, a giant cactus that is common in this area. Very unique to admire during your Arizona vacation.

The Grand Canyon State