Already knew to Toq, smart clock of Qualcomm, but we didn’t know they were going to appear brothers soon. You know that the American company is distinguished by developing technology and create hardware, rather than for selling products, so it wouldn’t take to get derivatives. From Toq, born Appscomm Fashioncomm A1.

Less stylized and more robust, Appscomm model sharing the precious 1.55-inch Mirasol display, or load wireless battery located in the close. As in the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we also find a camera, not present in the Toq.

The most important additive with respect to Qualcomm Toq is the GSM module, which allows you to make and receive calls, going to be more than an accessory for smartphones, and become a quite independent and useful device. Something is giving them for calling “Watch phone” – as the Goophone SmartWatch-, to differentiate them from the “smartwatches”.

The battery is 450mAh, which gives a life of 190 hours in stand-by, and Bluetooth connectivity. The price of the watch phone is about 160 euros, and is available for booking at TUCSONSMARTWATCHES.COM, which is where it will start its commercial life.

We’ll see how they come more proposals with the basis of Qualcomm Toq.

Appscomm Fashioncomm A1 Watch Phone
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