Applying to Study in New Zealand

Have you decided to study in New Zealand and found your dream university ? Then you are not far from applying. The first step in the application process is to find out what previous knowledge or degrees you need for your chosen study program. Those who meet the admission requirements can submit their application to study in New Zealand online directly to the universities and start preparing for a study abroad.

Admission requirements to study in New Zealand

The admission requirements for studying abroad in New Zealand differ depending on the study program or type of university. Most applicants need a first degree and sufficient knowledge of English. International students at New Zealand universities can apply for undergraduate or graduate studies as well as shorter study programs:

  • Semester abroad and summer sessions: The prerequisite for admission is enrollment at a university for two semesters.
  • Further education and postgraduate studies: For admission, the technical diploma is usually sufficient instead of the high school diploma, especially at the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs).
  • Bachelor and Master: As in Germany, the degrees of the New Zealand study system build on each other from Bachelor to PhD. The admission requirement for a full course is the lower academic degree in each case. For example, prospective master’s students need a bachelor’s degree for admission. Applicants for a bachelor’s degree who do not have a high school diploma have the opportunity to complete foundation programs in preparation. In some cases, it is possible to bring in professional experience or an apprenticeship. This is especially true for practice-oriented courses, such as the MBA.
  • Doctorate: In the doctoral area, the responsible employees make more individual decisions about applications for master’s graduates. Here, students prove their motivation and suitability for studying abroad in New Zealand, for example with a letter of motivation or recommendation.

If language skills in English are not sufficient for a full course, the New Zealand educational institutions offer preparatory language courses. In this way, students receive the appropriate language level for studying in the largest island nation of Oceania according to itypetravel.

The application process at New Zealand universities

The application process at New Zealand universities is simple and straightforward. Those who meet the admission requirements can submit their application for studying in New Zealand, including all the required documents, online. In addition to the application form, this includes certificates and evidence. The latter must be translated and certified copies. Applicants also need a passport. Further documents, for example information on the desired courses, depend on the respective study program.

The application deadlines vary depending on the university and study program. For a full course in New Zealand, the documents should reach the universities or ITPs for semester 1 around mid-November and for semester 2 around mid-April. Depending on capacity, the university will often consider applications for a semester abroad after the deadline has expired. Research-based study programs such as doctorates in New Zealand are mostly free of deadlines.

Applying early to study in New Zealand, around six to nine months before you plan to start your studies, leaves enough time to prepare. This includes the linguistic, practical and cultural preparation for your studies so that you arrive relaxed at the new place of study.

With a commitment to the New Zealand College provides the applicant with the Offer of Place in a place. At the same time, if necessary, you will receive feedback on the desired courses. There is once again the option of changing the course selection for the later recognition of academic achievements at the home university.

At this point in the application process at the latest, the financing of the stay abroad in New Zealand must be clarified. In addition to the tuition fees, there are costs for the flight, accommodation and daily living expenses. Scholarships or BAföG abroad for New Zealand help to keep these costs low. However, the responsible student union in Frankfurt (Oder) needs the application for BAföG abroad six months before the planned start of studies.

The enrollment at the University of New Zealand is usually completed even from your home country with paying tuition fees and proof of medical insurance. Only then does the New Zealand university issue the Confirmation of Place for the approval of the student visa. Students for a semester abroad simply submit a proof of payment from the university to Immigration New Zealand as proof.

Applying to Study in New Zealand