An Eight Decomposed Just the Logic Behind Girls

Guys are adventurers, craftsmen and Chief. Girls are princesses.These convey at least thousands motifs on clothes for small children.The eight Daisy Edmonds from the English Swindon discovered this phenomenon and infuriated about it in a Facebook video.

“I think that this is wrong. Why should boys and girls wear anything different?”

At a branch of the British supermarket chain Tesco, the eight discovered serious differences in the messages, which were printed on children’s T shirts:

  • The boys were encouraged to experience adventure, to think the corner or explained directly to the “HERO”.
  • The girl shirts, however, showed heart and slogans such as “Beautiful”, “I feel fabulous” or the hard intellectual imprint of “HEY!”.

The phenomenon occurs not only in England: A study of TU out Berlin from the year 2015 took place, that boys clothes in Germany with the adjectives most commonly “crazy”, “cool”, “wild” and “strong” distributed, “little”, “sweet”, “happy” and “cute” are on the girl front. (Time)

In the Slider: the Best Quotes from the Video

The response has been overwhelming: so far have almost 18,000 people shared the video, 1.6 million times it has been viewed.Supermarket giant Tesco even apologized and offered free to send the new collection of Daisy and her sister. (Facebook)

However, the astute analysis of the young girl unfortunately leaves a bowls taste: apparently marketing parents Daisy and her sister on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat and Instagram. So Daisy’s mother turned the video and asked the questions. All this has already badly trimmed to viral success.

Under the name “Lolly and Doodle”, profiles and pictures of two girls on all the networks are finding. Among others tweeted her “Hermine” actress and feminist Emma Watson to, to publicise the video.