Alexander Wetterhall Bronze Medal

Road: a sore throat, a broken road race and a bronze medal in the tempo. Alexander Wetterhall talks about his experiences from the SM in Södertälje.

Last I wrote, I had just completed competitions in Estonia and since then there has been focus on tempo-SM. I have run my hours in tempo status and it feels good, really good actually.
I ran a cup race Sweden outside Stockholm to get an extra day of competition and finished in 10th place after a dreary blowout in breakaway that held the home.
After that I drove Route du Sud in French Pyreneérna as the final run-up to Swedish Championships but I didn’t get to it in the warm conditions. The tough climbs in 35 degree heat was hard on me and I was not the target of the penultimate stage but stepped off.

I went home to Sweden again and did the finishing sanding, but just felt tired and cold and under SM-linjet on Sunday broke out. It felt like his legs fell off me on the tough course in Södertälje and I decided to get off after 120 kilometers in order to have a little bit in the tank for Tuesday’s pace.

Pace came and I woke up in the morning with a sore throat. But because the start was 16:26 so I had little time for me to feel for how bad it was. I cycled a round during the morning and after lunch I felt my throat something better and I was going to start.
The 50 kilometers were like a normal classical paced course-relatively flat with turning point halfway. I went out hard and was hoping that I would keep all the way. It was blowing pretty good along the course and I tried to get everything I had from the body along the way.
Gustav Larsson, who started two minutes behind me took it and became Swedish Champion again before Tobias Lahiri who trick the silver. My time was enough for bronze.A bronze as I may be very happy with the circumstances but I am naturally disappointed that not everything may be 100 on the right day.