Action: Free Mobile Phone Protection at Otelo

No matter how carefully we handle our mobile phones, sometimes they slip out of our hands. Or the coffee cup tipped over and the hot drinks poured over the sensitive electronics. We can not insist on the manufacturing guarantee in this case, but there is a solution: mobile phone insurance. So for example the mobile phone protection at otelo, which you free of charge at the tariff.

No Warranty: Displaybruch & Co.

We have already explained in a previous article what is warranty and warranty. These two services do not cover some of the damage. These include:

liquid damage

broken display


If one of these cases occurs, you must bite into the acid apple and either have the smart phone repaired or replaced with a new device. This is annoying when it is a new mobile phone, for which you have blown several hundred euros.

Mobile Security: Protection Without Warranty

Where the guarantee does not work, good advice is quickly expensive. This need not be. A mobile phone insurance offers your smart phone protection without any warranty. In this way you are on the safe side even after a fall or after an unintentional bath. Before you accept a paid offer, however, you should compare different mobile phone insurances. Because like everywhere, there are also differences, for example the coverage sums, replacement procurement or the general scope of services. Then of course the age of your mobile phone plays a role. In the case of a smart phone that is already aging, insurance is often not worth it, even if it costs only a few euros a year.

Offer: Otelo Tariffs With Free Mobile Phone Protection

Currently you can insure your new mobile phone free of charge. We have some otelo tariffs on offer, which contain a mobile phone protection. The protection is valid for 12 months and is free. Until August 31, 2015,

you can book the following mobile phone tariffs with free mobile phone insurance and Wunschhandy at electronicsMatter:

Otelo Allnet-Flat XL 1000 MB

Otelo Allnet-Flat L 750 MB

Otelo Allnet-Flat M 500 MB

Registration is easy online. For further information just click the following picture, which leads you to the Handyschutz website: