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Cape Verde

Cape Verde: Various travel information

Cape Verde: Various travel information

Arrival and travel on and between the islands

With a few exceptions, tourists come to Cape Verde (Cape Verde) by plane. An international airport is located in Sal and Praia. Cape Verde can best be approached from Frankfurt/Main. With the exception of the island of Sal, tourism in Cape Verde is still underdeveloped. The visitor has to be prepared for deficiencies in the infrastructure. One problem is the inadequate and not always reliable flight and ship connections between the nine inhabited islands of the archipelago.


The road network is not very extensive. Rental cars are available in the main islands. An international driver's license is recommended. Public buses are inexpensive, if not always comfortable, to travel across the islands.

Ferry connections

Boats and ferries run between all islands. A new ferry service runs twice a week between Praia and the islands of Brava and Fogo.

Air connections

There are a number of airports in the Cape Verdian Islands. The airports on the island of Sal and in Praia are served by international airlines. A flight from Frankfurt, for example with Condor, takes around 6 hours. The others are used for air traffic within the island state. These are airfields on or in: Mindelo, Santo Antão, Sâo Nicolau, Boevista Maio and Togo.

International license plate

According to Abbreviationfinder, the Cape Verde license plate is:


Travel medicine, vaccinations and warnings

Infectious Diseases

In Cape Verde the following diseases are to be expected in Germany and Northern Europe:

  • cholera
  • Dengue fever
  • various intestinal diseases such as worm infestation, salmonella, shigella, amoeba or lamblia
  • Typhoid, but only those who come into contact with contaminated food and drink
  • Zika virus infection, it is transmitted by mosquitoes and is extremely dangerous for unborn babies
  • Malaria. There is a risk of infection with tropical malaria in the capital Praia and on the island of São Tiago. The other islands are malaria free.

Vaccination recommendations

  • diphtheria
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Influenze (flu vaccination)
  • Whooping cough (pertussis)
  • measles
  • mumps
  • Pneumococci
  • polio
  • rubella
  • tetanus
  • typhus

Compulsory vaccination

For all persons older than one year and coming from a yellow fever infection area designated by the WHO, there is a compulsory vaccination against an illness with yellow fever.

Otherwise there is no further compulsory yellow fever vaccination

for children

In most countries where a yellow fever vaccination is required, this also applies to children over one year of age, and in some countries even from six months. It should be noted that a vaccination against yellow fever had a number of side effects, such as encephalitis. Around two-thirds of those affected were children under six months. Therefore, under no circumstances should children under this age be vaccinated. But children under one year of age should also not be vaccinated if possible. If in doubt, yellow fever infection areas must then be avoided. Any vaccination against yellow fever may only be carried out in specially authorized yellow fever vaccination centers!

Cape Verde: currency

The local currency of Cape Verde is the Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) with a fixed exchange rate to the euro of:

110.265 CVE = 1 euro


Incidentally, the national currency was pegged to the euro in 1999.

Current warnings

Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Citizens Service

Tel: 0049 - (0) 30 - 5000 - 2000

Cape Verde: Embassy, entry requirements

Embassy, Visa

Germans, Austrians and Swiss and visitors from numerous other countries need a visa to enter the Cape Verde Islands (Cape Verde). A valid yellow fever vaccination must be proven when entering from a yellow fever infection area (according to WHO).

Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde

Stavanger Str.

10439 Berlin

Tel: 0049 (0) 30 - 20 45 09 55

Email: [email protected]

Cape Verde: Diplomatic missions

Visit Countryaah for a full list of Cape Verde embassies and consulates in each country around the world.

Cape Verde embassies and consulates

Representations of Cape Verde in Germany

The building in which the embassy of Cape Verde is located is a beautiful villa on Stavangerstrasse in the Berlin district of Pankow. The ambassador's residence is also located next to it. The Stavangerstraße branches off from Gotenstraße, which in turn is a cross street with Bornholmerstraße. The embassy is in a quiet, bourgeois area of Pankow. The embassies of Cuba, Ghana, Eritrea, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the vicinity of the Cape Verde embassy.

Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde in Berlin

Stavanger Str. 16

10439 Berlin

Tel: 0049 - (0) 30 - 2045 0955

Email: [email protected]


Region Contact
Saxony, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Dresden

Koenigstraße 5

01097 Dresden

Tel: 0049 - (0) 351 - 819 2700

Fax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 819 2699

Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Eschborn

Unterortstrasse 30

65760 Eschborn

Tel: 0049 - (0) 6196 - 777 5924

Fax: 0049 - (0) 6196 - 777 5922

Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Hamburg

Deichstraße 9

20459 Hamburg

Tel: 0049 - (0) 40 - 3785 7833

Fax: 0049 - (0) 40 - 3785 7841

Email: [email protected]

Saarla Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Saarbrücken

Saargemünder Straße 136

66119 Saarbrücken

Tel: 0049 - (0) 681 - 398 098

Fax: 0049 - (0) 681 - 390 5060

Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Stuttgart

Azenbergstrasse 31

70174 Stuttgart

Tel: 0049 - (0) 711 - 607 1558

Fax: 0049 - (0) 711 - 6066 1050

German representations in Cape Verde

The Federal Republic of Germany has no representation in Cape Verde. The embassy in Senegal is responsible.

Embassy in Senegal

20, Avenue Pasteur, intersection Rue Mermoz


Tel.: 00221 - (0) 338 - 894 884

The German embassy in Senegal is still responsible for:

  • Gambia
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Cape Verde


The Federal Republic of Austria has no representation in Cape Verde. The embassy is responsible for:

Embassy in Senegal

18, rue Emile Zola

Tel: 00221 - (0) 33 - 849 4000

Email: [email protected]

The Austrian Embassy in Senegal is still responsible for:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Ivory Coast
  • Gambia
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Sierra Leone

Representations of Cape Verde in Austria

Embassy in Vienna

Schwindgasse 20

1040 Vienna

Tel.: 0043 - (0) 1 - 503 8727

Email: [email protected]

Honorary Consulate in Vienna

Dornbacher Strasse 89

1170 Vienna

Tel.: 0043 - (0) 1 - 489 7882

Fax: 0043 - (0) 1 - 485 2300 - 14

Email: [email protected]


Swiss representations in Cape Verde


Switzerland has no representation in Cape Verde. The embassy in Senegal is responsible:

Embassy in Senegal

Rue René N'Diaye Intersection Rue Seydou

Nourou Tall



Te.l: 00221 - (0) 33 - 823 0590

Email: [email protected]

The Swiss Embassy in Senegal is still responsible for:

  • Gambia
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Mali
  • Mauritania

Representations of Cape Verde in Switzerland

Embassy in Geneva

Avenue Blanc 47

1202 Geneva

Tel.: 0041 - (0) 22 - 731 3336

Email: [email protected]


Rümelinsplatz 14

4001 Bâle

Tel.: 0041 - 061 - 269 809






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