A lot of people might think that requires a lot of decoration and is expensive. If the budget allows, it is clear that some items home can exceed conventional price limits, but that doesn’t mean that those who need to save cannot enjoy the decorative accessories that are out there.

In times of crisis, it is possible to be creative and the plurality of ideas and possible inspirations for decorating all the corners of the House are anywhere. Check out some tips selected by Montacasa to leave the kitchen decorated with simple items that won’t weigh in your pocket.

1. Frames for decoration of the kitchen? Yes, you can!

You can twist the nose for this idea, but the pictures have already exceeded the limits of the halls and rooms for a long time. So much so that today, companies specializing in this type of decorative item are keen to have a special line for kitchens, with sentences, illustrations and photos with culinary themes. It is not necessary to fill the kitchen, because three or four pieces already make all the difference in space.

2. Flowers and vegetable gardens

Hortinhas, in addition to functional, are great also for decorating. How about investing and running a mini-horta and that she stands out from the environment, bringing that ‘ what ‘ of nature to the House? The architect Tatyana Muller, the Graph architecture, points out, however, the importance of cultivating these plants in the right place. “You can grow them in small spaces, but some items are indispensable, as looking fit the spider veins or cachepôs near openings for receiving natural light in most of the day – from 3 to 4 hours – and with constant ventilation, so that the environment does not become a greenhouse,” says Pro.

Another option is to bet on creative floral arrangements, a nice vase or even a small collection of cute spider and make the kitchen more colorful and alive. The architect Tatyana Muller makes really cool ideas. “The internal gardens can be planted in tins, revitalised or old, giving a vintage air to the environment or planted in utensils, such as kettles, teapots and mugs, making reference to the industrial decor.

Can also be wall-mounted or in pots on a balcony or window sill. Wooden boxes can also become very interesting cachepôs. Another idea is to paint the vase or ornamental flowerpots with Blackboard paint and write the name of the seasoning to chalk.”

3. Stickers to decorate kitchen


The stickers are versatile and can be placed in different corners of the House. In the kitchen, there are themed beautiful models often mimic finishes as pads and hydraulic tiles. Attention only on the purchase the stickers for the kitchen: note the quality and durability of the product, since the environment with your natural moisture may damage the adhesive in a short time.

4. A kitchen full of light

The light has the power to transform an environment and in the kitchen would be no different. In these environments, the architect Tatyana Muller tells us that there are two types of ‘ enlightenment ‘ different languages: the functional and decorative. The functional, as its name suggests, is one that will help the Cook in fact, given your needs visuals, such as fluorescent lamps.

Already the decorative lighting is the one who, more than illuminate, draws attention for design and complements the decor of the kitchen – as in the case of pending – the architect suggests, inclusive, that are located on a bench and with focal targeting.

“The most important factor in kitchen lighting is that there must be a balance between functional nature and decorative lights. If the kitchen has a nice atmosphere is because it has an adequate lighting to use scaled properly, having a direct relation with the environment and size of the furniture and cladding colors “, stresses the architect Tatyana Muller.

  1. Menu and other notes on the wall

The ink slate is becoming the darling of the decoration and not only houses, but companies like restaurants are betting on this idea to have a personalized decoration and changeable. How to make? You can paint a kitchen wall or half of it in order to give a different twist.

As we’re talking about a dark paint, taking care not to overdo it, because the ink Board can give the feeling of space is smaller than it is, and this is not legal when the kitchen is small. When in doubt, paint a corner only is already more than enough.

  1. visible Utensils

Another cool trend for decoration of kitchens is taking the tools of cabinets and leave them exposed, are on top of the furniture, countertops or even specific brackets for this purpose. Inspiration free cabinets and you get more space to store items that you really want to leave escondidinho.

Only caution: the architect Tatyana’s little secret to never leave the kitchen with that informational excess. “The environment does not stay with a messy, it is essential to think of a composition of colors and shapes, or even concentrate them in a single point, for the exhibition of the pieces, such as a bookcase or a specific drop-down grid on the grandstand”.

Another tip: If you have a shelf, the mix of food and themed comic books with the utensils they give more charm to the space.

  1. Securities more moderninhos

If you already have enough furnishings, but wants to give a new face to them, the cool thing is to bet on a painting or even specific adhesives for wood of your cabinets. Niches and shelves can also be a nice inspiration for those who want to space and enjoy every corner of the kitchen with personality.

  1. What to do if the kitchen is integrated.

The integrated kitchen with the living room gives the feeling that the room is bigger than it really is. Not to mention that the structure itself makes it easy, and that chat among friends who love to get together to cook and talk.

In cases where the kitchen is separated from another room just for a countertop, it pays to make both environments to talk to each other. The paintings already mentioned here for example, can be there between the line that separates the two rooms. Another cool idea and subtle is betting on spider veins multicolored on the counter that combine in any way with any item from the other room.

Integrated kitchens with laundries, an interesting idea is to bet in a glass semiparede subtle to allow free passage between the two spaces and do not close the kitchen and leave her less because of it.

Who doesn’t have a integrated kitchen, is fact. This inspiration here is one of what else will weigh in your budget, because of the need to break down walls and hire a service that fit the countertop for you, but the result is worth it, especially if your kitchen is small.

8 Inspirations to Decorate the Kitchen with Economy
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