6 Advantages of Having Long Hair

Versatility and better adaptation to various types of face are among the strengths of those who chose to be “Rapunzel”

Although the fashion hair today is quite democratic, allowing short, long, medium, “joãozinhos”, repicados and any other variations to the hair female, there are still those who prefer the good old long hair. It may be that he, in fact, give much more work to look beautiful and healthy, but a good part of the chicks does not open hand of her long locks fluttering not even getting money for this.

6 Advantages of Having Long Hair 1

Maybe the long hair has its disadvantages but, if you are thinking to leave your to grow, below is a small list with the good side of being “Rapunzel”.

1 – Versatility

As long as the hair short does not allow large variations of cut or hairstyle, the long hair can be tidy as its owner as well understand. Braids, cokers, ponytails, barrettes, bands, tiaras, frizzy, smooth – everything is allowed to change the look every day, if you so desire. In addition, it is much easier to decide what to do with it on a feast day, for example, since all the possibilities of the world are open.

2 – Beanie what for?

Anyone who has used the hair short knows how the cold months are painful. It is such a beanie, cap, hood and hat that only those who lived know. Warm up the ears and the neck, for those who have long hair is not a problem. Just let it loose and voila – the cold turns into legend.

6 Advantages of Having Long Hair 2

3 – Say what men like most

Make the experience fast and simple: choose some male friends and ask them if they prefer short hair or long on their girlfriends. There is a scientific explanation, but the truth is that the majority of men will tell you that long hair is more beautiful. Perhaps this is because the short not adapt to any type of face, perhaps because the overcoats convey the idea of “pulling” of hair the most intense, the fact is that the preferred male is the same the wires longer.

4 – volume Control

When the hair is short, it does not have much “weight”. This makes it more common to see him “armed” than when it is long. In this sense, the long hair requires less time to brush, dryer and flat iron, because the length works naturally in favor of the volume control.

6 Advantages of Having Long Hair 3

5 – Demonstrates vanity

Short hair spend a information quite objective regarding the woman: “I don’t have time to take care of my hair because I’m very busy with other things” or “I don’t have the patience to take care of my hair”. So, long locks make you seem more vain, as it is of general knowledge that they require more time and dedication of its owner.

6 – Combines with any

As said, the short hair does not always be good, due to the different formats of the faces of the women. Already the long are very democratic, because they combine with almost any type of face and even body. It is more difficult to err in this point when using the long hair – and the extra advantage is you can always modify something on the court that the update. Fringes, repicados and garnetted are almost a unique option for those who have long hair.