Those who enjoy fishing, also likes to discover new interesting places to practice the sport and, at the same time, enjoy the environment in nature. If you are in search of new places attractive for fishing, check out the following beautiful fishing loaded scripts that certainly will please you!

New Delhi, in the State of Santa Catarina

New Delhi is an excellent roadmap for on-board fishing. There are numerous rivers rich in various fish (traíra, surubim, grumatã, catfish, big mouth, Tetra, piava mandi, silver, gold). There are many islands, of great beauty, across the Rio das Antas and Rio Uruguay: among them are Island from the mouth of the Rio das Antas, River Island Taipas, Sugar Loaf island and archipelago of Herbal Line.

The green area, situated at the entrance of town, offers various leisure options beyond fishing, such as ramp for boats, RV Parks, motocross tracks, soccer fields, volleyball courts, bathroom with electric shower and areas for campsites.

Bertioga, São Paulo

Historic municipality where Fort of São João da Bertioga, first Portuguese fortification built in Brazil. Bertioga is a seaside resort, with many beaches and points of interest – an excellent destination to venture into the practice of fishing boat.

The channels of Bertioga and its rivers are home to several fish species; between the rocks, it is possible to find badejos and caratingas. In addition, through the channels of the city, you can access other areas rich in fish in rivers and beaches in Guarujá, Santos and São Vicente. Most fish caught are: sea bass, swordfish; hake; Catfish; cat-fish; sea bass and other species.

São Sebastião, São Paulo

Historical city, situated on the northern coast the 173 km from the capital. Are 78 km of breathtaking nature and ideal for venture in fishing boat. Has 33 beaches, and most suitable for fishing are:

  • Paúba (of soft sand and clear, with many vacationers and hills covered by Virgin Forests);
  • Cove (100 metres up into the shallow sea; of dark sand and ideal for fishing for crabs; network fishing are practiced, Rod and boat);
  • Brava (by a 400 m track, starting from Guaecá, arrive to this deserted Beach, between the cliffs of the Balcony and the ship; despite the relatively rough sea is recommended for fishing and bathing).

The fish found in San Sebastian are: carapeba, swordfish, miragaia, corvina, salteira, betara, bream, dogfish, what, cherne, Rooster fish, Bull’s eye.

Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro

Municipality whose lands were inhabited by the tupinambás. It offers intense trade and many luxury hotels. Place much exploited by tourism, with the constant presence of vacationers.

Among the points of interest, in addition to the beaches include the ruins Up bag, solar do Barão do Sahy, the parish church and the Imperial Road. With many beaches and Islands, Mangaratiba offers several options for those who want to venture out in the practice of fishing boat. Some fish of the region: corvinas, bass, anchovies, guaiviras, mixoles, etc.

Canavieiras, in Bahia

Municipality in the South of the State, is home to the Atlantic and, formerly, was part of Ilhéus. It has famous beaches and visited, with two points highly sought after for the on-board fishing are:the coral Bank Royal Charlotte and the oil rig. Fish of the region:marlins, barracudas, mackerel, guarajubas, horse mackerel, gilded, eye of ox.

Main access through BR-101 (for those coming from the South, via Eunápolis; for those coming from Salvador, via Islets). The shortest path for those coming from the capital is the island of Itaparica, via ferry-boat, BA-001 and BR-101.

Have you ever held the on-board fishing in some of these places? If you like this mode, consider some of these scripts for your next trip! Make your comment, leave your good tips of script to other readers!

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5 Scripts For Venturing Out on Fishing Boat
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