30 Flash Tricks against Hüftgold

Too much feasted in recent times?

We show no problem, as stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kirsten Dunst and Rachel McAdams, conceal their Hüftgold!

Laminating as the stars: A V-neck like Kirsten Dunst

Every woman in the closet has Kirsten Dunst simple fashion trickster! Tops v-neck stretch the character as opposed to the round-neck version. Be careful also when Turtleneck, let them work the upper body squat. Tip: Buy the sweater never tight, but rather to select a number greater than. So we see the same narrower?

Laminating as the stars: A long Blazer like Liv Tyler

The three extra pounds keep persistent on your hips? Never mind. Just one over the hip-ceiling, fitted Blazer over it – finished! Allowed: If the rest of the outfit is simple, it may pop here even colour. But also the Blazers by Liv Tyler in simple contrasting colours is a great figure flatterer

Laminating as the stars: Fashionable deception like Kate Winslet

Hüftgold, wide waist or riding pants – all the device at these sexy designs on the sidelines. Kate Winslet has also elected a clever colour combinations. Because bright joined this dress out and dark disappears. Also: Stay away from shiny fabrics! Mat materials, however, reinforce this principle.

Laminating as the stars: Stylish wrapping like mini driver

Down jackets make us after a sweet day for the Michelin Man fast. Therefore, like mini driver, better access to trendy capes. Including disappear unpleasant rolls back, hypothetically. But you should wear these jeans or skirts with narrow slices. Baggy pants would make the outfit look namely unintentionally solid.

Laminating as the stars: Jeans with blow like Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere knows the perfect cut for stronger thigh: strike pants. She makes small women endless legs. And the further increasing downward leg balances the proportions. Nice side-effect: killer heels are hidden under the hem, just ten centimeters times cheat us.

A good alternative: straight-cut denim variations. Stay away from skinny jeans and jeans.

Laminating like the stars: The perfect length as Claire Danes

Claire Danes white failed to distract from more powerful calves. Dresses or skirts should end always just above the knee, so that even a small area of the skin is visible. Ends of the hem on the knee, the body looks too compact.

Laminating as the stars: A round thing like Olivia Palermo

Pretty misleading: candy belly or riding pants oversize is no longer under a-Dress. Benefit especially larger women, like Olivia Palermo. For all women with much bust size, but the Empire dress is a better choice.

Laminating as the stars: Trousers with crease like Angelina Jolie

This cut is structured and visually divides the leg into two halves. If you just look, perceive only the half thigh. Muted tones of grey and anthracite are of advantage. Just no signal colors such as bright red, because they would the game unfavorably stress. Angelina Jolie can wear well crease pants in white!

Laminating as the stars: Chain reaction such as Berenice Bejo

XXL rock such as, for example, pendant chains in Y-form wonderful stretch the feminine silhouette and distract on top of critical zones. They work particularly well as eye-catcher for discreet plain looks. Actress Berenice Bejo has done everything right with its long chain.

Laminating as the stars: “wrap to go” like Susan Sarandon

Female curves? Then a wrap dress should not be missed! Thus, nothing is hidden, but charmingly plays around. The fashionable diet formula: By the wrapping technique it’s always how to cast on, where other cuts would long hook. Belly and too much bust turns it into feminine curves. The Belgian designer Diane von Furstenberg has developed this cutting and furore already in the seventies. Today, celebrities like Susan Sarandon is run on the red carpet.

Laminating as the stars: A zigzag lapel like Michelle Trachtenberg

By the diagonally running lapel, the Bellypart visually reduces and the upper body stretched – just like with the outfit by actress Michelle Trachtenberg. Also the color choice is perfect. Because the black Blazer creates depth, hip and abdomen also disappear, including the bright shirt puts it in the background.

Laminating as the stars: High, like Reese Witherspoon

This lace shoe form stretches and casts a few extra centimetres on the leg. Round ends, however, immediately draw attention to knubbelige knee or other curves. Basically, heels at kilo frustrations are always more beneficial than flats. Reese Witherspoon cheat with mega heels several centimeters to.

Laminating as the stars: A waist belt like Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek loves her curves. Nevertheless, the only 1.57 m large Hollywood beauty will not squat look. Her styling trick: a wide waist belt. Thus, it easily compensates the proportions. He is more contour to the upper body, creates a sexy middle and covered pads. Her two tone dress is the ideal partner of fashion. Because the colors in addition shape the body.

Laminating as the stars: An opaque tights as Caroline Sieber

Hefty thighs and short dresses do not fit together? SG! Black tights over 40 are the secret den. Let narrower operate the leg. Shiny, patterned, transparent or white tights wear on ugly. Stylistin Caroline Sieber, of course, knows the trick!

Laminating as the stars: A figure finisher like Sienna Miller

On the miracle laundry swear also superskinny VIP ladies like Sienna Miller. Thus belly and Hüftgold streamline even size-zero-Models. Important: The shapewear must not end in the critical zone, but only about. Otherwise, the pants would ugly cut and are emerging.

Laminating as the stars: A slim figure like Jennifer Lopez

Despite their curves, Jennifer Lopez would not waive tight outfits. The right dress ensures a great body tuning. The pink strip stretches and calls attention to the Center. Also zipper dresses are good. As with the colored line, the eye focuses on the zipper.

Laminating as the stars: A washed denim like Katherine Heigl

If stars like Katherine Heigl tightens the pants, they bring out their favorite jeans. The washing light is slightly brighter than outside, in the middle of the leg the leg appears thin. This works but only in dark denim. Combining these boots and a long Cardigan, increases the Flash diet effect!

Laminating as the stars: Width of liner such as Christina Hendricks

Who puts to like Christina Hendricks quickly on the upper arms, should keep covered the shoulders with fabric. Because already minimal sleeve remove the volume here. Halter and spaghetti straps are absolute no-goes. If carrier, then they should be as far out on the shoulders, so that they form a decontracting V-line.

Laminating as the stars: Clever color partner like Malin Akerman

With this combination, Malin Akerman will be happy to the gray mouse. Boots and trousers tone on tone lend the 1.71 m beauty still more size. The trick: Work by the continuing line up to the tips of your toes much longer legs.

Laminating as the stars: A long sweater like Denise Richards

So Denise Richards already carries a stylish wool friend, like him, now every woman in the closet needs! Combined with Leggings or Slim pants he hides that bit too much belly, hips and buttocks, and cleverly puts the emphasis on the legs. The great thing: By contrast the thigh in narrow pants look thinner than they perhaps are.

aminating as the stars: A-lines skirts like Scarlett Johansson

Bye-bye, problem area! Strong thighs perfectly conceal easily issued A skirts. Finger away from tight-fitting pencil skirts, otherwise crushing danger threatens. Ever more striking the rock pattern, top and shoes should be more simple. To bring even more calm, it is advisable to stay in tone. Prime example: Scarlett Johansson!

Laminating as the stars: Nude pumps like Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams stretches the figure with skin-colored shoes and conjures up longer legs. Tip: Plateau variants give additional centimeters. Ankle boots, however, upsetting because they cover the narrow point at the ankle high shaft and shorten the leg.

Laminating as the stars: All in black like Natasha Bedingfield

Monotony is King here! Due to the combination of black heels, tights and dress, the eye no longer correctly perceives the proportions. So also Natasha Bedingfield cheats are slimmer. This kilo-killer-look also works with other dark colors such as Navy and anthracite.

Laminating as the stars: XXL-scarf like Susan Sideropoulos

Not only trendy, but also helpful. Behind such a loosely covered neck sycophant, a tummy disappears quickly. There are also graphical patterns or Leoprints real eye-catcher. Susan Sideropoulos combines her scarf to shirt and leather pants.

Laminating as the stars: Contrast dresses like Charlize Theron

Smart geshoppt: Charlize Theron belly disappears at this dress behind the black “triangle”. Because the usage is no chance to stand in the foreground the pounds! And light cream tone emphasizes the advantages of the actress.

Laminating as the stars: A large hand bag like Kim Kardashian

Plus size model? Love to, but only when the Tote! Kim Kardashian makes it exactly right and hidden with the “Birkin”-bag belly and wide hips. In addition, accessories in bright colors or with huge flower patterns distract more of problem areas. Another plus: with this trick, it is perceived also graceful.

Laminating as the stars: A Beehive as Adele

Adele has two tastes that go well together: good food and dramatic updos. A more pronounced mind stretches a rotund face and neck. At the same time taking now a more elegant posture as a result.

Laminating as the stars: A Centre parting as Ashley Greene

You can leave with a middle parting in the sleek look appear balanced and narrow face. It uses even “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene.

Laminating as the stars: Highlighter such as Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes has copied from this makeup trick of the “90210” set. In the T-zone is modeled skillfully with a highlighter. Bridge of the nose, forehead and Chin seem so plastic and the whole lot is in contrast to the round cheeks in the spotlight.

And this: the best beauty look…

Laminating as the stars: Rouge like Whitney port

We pick up the face, we must quietly blush. Because it is with Rouge on the cheekbones, Chin, and temples model is slimmer. Whitney Port knows that actress.