The accessories are essential to complete the look and make it more beautiful. However, to really enhance your look, you have to make choices based on quality of parts in your style and other details that will be worth the investment. Buy semijoias according to your skin tone is a good example.

Have you noticed that sometimes the same accessory, although Nice, doesn’t sit well with anyone? The tone of the skin can be a deciding factor to make the play go really stand out and enrich your visual. On the purchase semijoias, it is important to stay connected to this detail to acquire a striking piece. To settle on a choice, check out our 3 tips on how to combine them with your skin tone.

1. find the subtom of your skin

The skin usually present two subtons: one hot and one cold. The subtom of the skin is related to a layer that lies under the dermis, therefore, it is not connected to the ethnicity of the person. Both people with light or dark skins can have the same subtom.

Meet the correct subtom your skin will help you choose the colors of your semijoias. This will cause you get to appreciate and make you more beautiful. To find out what is the right color, notice the veins of the handle. The cold subtom is characterized by more bluish veins, while hot, through the veins more greenish.

Cool skins look great with diamonds and stones in colors such as Blue, pink, magenta and Red. Hot furs are highlighted with the use of semijoias foleadas in more rosy gold or coppery. Rocks in shades that resemble the Earth, like Orange, Green, yellow or coral are also beautiful.3 Tips to Combine Pearls with Skin Tone 1

2. find out which matches the color of your skin

Besides taking the subtom into account the color of your skin can help in a more refined choice on the purchase semijoias.

In the clear, Golden pieces skins are highlighted. For items with stones, give preference to bold colors like red, dark green or dark blue. Gems like sapphire, Emerald and Ruby are great. Here at SMBER you can get more different models and styles.

Dark skin and black are beautiful with the contrast with clear parts. Bet on pieces of silver or white gold, with bright, diamonds or stones like the dolomite, that will further highlight and shine. Other options are transparent quartz and stones in shades of purple or yellow. I should and can use Asian abuse semijoias in Orange tones, Greens and reds.3 Tips to Combine Pearls with Skin Tone 2

3. Bet on the Jokers on the purchase semijoias

Want to invest in a semijoia Joker not to Miss? You can make a choice that blends with any skin tone, which is both classical and elegant. But what would this piece? Hit who thought in pearls!

They have a neutral tone that harmonizes well with varying shades of skin and give a touch of romanticism and sophistication infallible to complement your look.

Understand how the colors and textures of the pieces relate to your skin will help you buy semijoias to increment the your visual, leaving it shiny!

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Best mac lipglass

Best mac lipglass


3 Tips to Combine Pearls with Skin Tone
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